Paraiba Kyanite

Introducing Paraiba Kyanite -- a newly discovered Kyanite variation from the Paraiba Basin in northern Brazil. As a form of Kyanite, this crystal is more than just good looks -- it is one of three, aluminosilicate polymorphs used by geologists to determine the pressure-temperature conditions under which metamorphic rocks form.

With a striated appearance along its length and a naturally bladed crystal habit, Paraiba Kyanite's delicate appearance belies its strong powers. Paraiba Kyanite's vibrant, almost neon, colors cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency, which gives this crystal the ability to unlock psychic and telepathic powers while enhancing intuition. It's special color promotes an even greater peaceful vibration than usually charactorized by other Kyanites.

Connected to the Angel of Joy, Paraiba Kyanite aids those trying to overcome fear and sensitivities. It is particularly helpful for those suffering from Agoraphobia. By increasing one's ability to tolerate others (patience), while simultaneously reducing stress from busy and crowded environments, Paraiba Kyanite crystals encourages all to venture into bustling throngs. It's the perfect crystal for those easily overwhelmed by cities and crouds.

Unlike many crystals, Paraiba Kyanite does not absorb negative energy, and as a result, it never needs to be cleansed. In fact, Paraiba Kyanite cleanses other crystals, which makes it an invaluable time saver and workhorse. It is a must have for any metaphysical practitioner.

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