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Maria Prinz

Maria’s experience over the past twenty years as a certified Intuitive Healer, Raindrop Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Massage Therapist, Spiritual Healer, and Wellness Advocate allows her to offer her clients exceptional Wellness Readings and Healings, Ear Candling, Chakra Balancing, as well as Transformational Healings using Aromatherapy.

Maria is intuitively guided to choose which essential oils are necessary based on your wellness needs to help benefit you.

As a Wellness Intuitive she can pinpoint blocked or slowed energy, imbalance within the body, weaknesses, and/or deficiencies.

She is able to create a positive shift in her client’s energy system while identifying the source of imbalance. All of which benefits their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Maria’s readings assist her clients in becoming more aware of themselves and “all that is”.

Wellness Intuitive

Transformational Healing combining Aromatherapy w/Reading

Chakra Balancing


Intuitive Readings

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