The Keynote Dinner at Doubletree Hilton Arboretum

June 7, 2019 7pm

Join your fellow Agate Enthusiasts for 5 Star Dining at the Doubletree Hilton Arboretum, and Lori Coleman's Keynote Address.

Lori Coleman-Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop

Lori got her rockhounding bug while farming with her late husband in the Mississippi Delta in the 1980's. It started with picking up rocks in the field before planting, then became a fascination with arrowheads on the surface after a good rain. She went on to collect petrified wood from the creeks and streams in the Mississippi hill country during hunting season. Family vacations to Arkansas were for fishing and collecting quartz crystals. After retiring they decided to move to Deming, NM to hunt for Thundereggs.

This is where the Spanish Stirrup began. Propped on top of a hill not far from Rockhound State Park is Lori's home once called the Spanish Stirrup Guest Ranch. You see the same family that donated the ground where Rockhound State Park is now located is the family that founded and settled the area and called what is now Lori's home there at the ranch house. The name Spanish Stirrup came from the discovery of a conquistadors stirrup up in the Big Florida Mountain after a day of herding goats. It is placed in the saddle bag and taken back to the ranch. Later the road to Rockhound was named Stirrup Road.

Lori along with her children and fiancee Bruce have spent many days walking the Florida mountain and areas along the Mexican border, in search of Thundereggs. What started out as a hobby has now become a full blown disease. Lori now has over 1,500 acres of Federal, State and Private land with many mines. Her most famous are Lava Cap and Eggzilla. She is now, because of her size, a commercial miner of Thundereggs. She is licensed and bonded through the NM State Land Office and permitted through the NM Mining and Minerals division. She writes all of her own mining plans of operation and is a licensed big equipment operator.

Lori has done rock shows in New York, Wisconsin, Denver, Quartzite, Tucson and San Antonio. She has been featured in Mineralien Welt a mineral magazine in Germany, The Wall Street Journal and the April 2016 issue of Rock and Gem Magazine. She has made the famous Gem Shop Agate Calendar the last 5 years running. She has been a speaker at the Denver Club show twice and a speaker at the 2016 Agate Expo. She will be the keynote speaker for the 2019 International Exposition of Agates in Austin, Texas. She has a collection of Thundereggs on exhibit at the NM Mining Museum in Soccor, NM.

Even though Lori has been recognized worldwide for her incredible Thunderegg discoveries you will find her happiest at her shop cutting and polishing eggs with Bruce and the kids. She loves to take time to share her passion with rockhounds alike and of all ages young and old.

Lori can be reached at lorilytlecoleman@gmail.com