Eva Lott Practitioner

Eva Lott

Holistic Energy Healer

Rev. Eva Lott, Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist, Coach, and Reiki Master

You are invited to Sit, relax, and unwind.

As an Energy Healer who uses Reiki and Healing Touch, Eva will work with your energy centers and auras to clear, balance, and harmonize your well-being. Your personal relaxation session will allow you to identify and release, and to open and transform your energies to meet your highest good. Eva uses her understanding of energy work to see solutions and customize a session through touch, breathwork, visualization, guided imagery, and energy healing methods that she provides for the benefit of her clients. She also customizes the sessions to include exclusive spiritual direction, exclusive energy work, or a combined session. It’s time to Soothe Your Soul!

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