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Kathy Cabarcas

Certified Life Coach, Astral Energy Healer & Clairvoyant

Kathy, has dedicated her work to help in the harmonization of subtle energy bodies, her ability to see and located negative energy, karma connections and beings in the non-physical plane allows her to work more precise and direct with issues that are affecting you negatively, she often incorporate in her sessions techniques and exercises to assist you regain a sense of belonging on the planet, higher-self connection, true purpose acceptance and bliss for life, by releasing and purifying energy connections that are adding to your sense of lack, confusion or disruptive thoughts, emotions and patterns.

Services available to you:

One on One Mentoring

Karmatic Cord Severing

Astral or Emotional Body Balancing

Energy Scans and Clearing

Chakra Therapy and Aura Healing

Family Nucleus Energy Healing

Personal Life Coaching

Intuitive Readings

Guidance and Tools For Mental Peace and Emotional Bliss!

Kathy Cabarcas