Leslie Werling

Since I was a child I had the gift of knowing. I would dream of events before they happened, hear spirits whispering to me as I drifted in and out of sleep, feel their presence and see movement in spaces where others would see stillness. Yet, like so many others who are Lightworkers, I dulled my senses out of the fear of the unknown and the fear of what others would think.

Despite my efforts to ignore these abilities, my clair-senses gained strength and altered over time, eventually leading me to where I am today. With a great deal of patience, time, training and focus, I am now able to communicate with and understand spirit and the angels in many ways. I can hear their words with the gift of clairaudience, gain innate knowledge through claircognizance, feel sensations and emotions spirits have felt in their lifetime with clairsentience, as well as receive visuals with inner sight, called clairvoyance. All are tools I use to help guide me through my readings. Often times, spirits will go so far as to show me moments from their lives that play like a movie in my third eye. It is quite remarkable and often times, quite intense!

Today I have great appreciation for the clair-abilities I possess. They are highly cherished gifts, which I support through various daily practices connecting to my angels, guides and spirit. I am passionate about helping people live fuller, happier and healthier lives through the lightwork that I offer and hope all who seek my services find peace and abundance in the messages they receive.

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