Reverend Michael Zarchian (“Zar”)

Reverend Michael Zarchian (“Zar”)

Your Multi-Certified Advanced Metaphysical Energy Healing Practitioner with over 30 years’ experience. Offering Higher Guidance Psychic, Metaphysical Services with Advanced Personal Energy Healings. Call for a free consultation.

Higher Guidance Psychic & Metaphysical Services: working with your personal Higher-Power, Higher-Self, Guardians & Guides, ArchAngels, Angels, Ascended Masters.

  • Akashic Library Record Readings & Energy Healings
  • ArchAngel-Ascended Master Collective Tarot Readings, Channelings, Energy Healings.
  • Ascension Light Activations: An energetic boost to increase all of your psychic & metaphysical abilities!
  • Crystal Kingdom Readings, Channelings, Energy Healings.
  • Deeksha
  • Higher Guidance Spiritual Life-Coaching
  • Mother Earth, Deva & Elemental Cellular Energy Healings.
  • Negative Energy-Entity-Connection Removal from you\your Home, Land & Business, pets, places, situations, things.
  • NPMDT: New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation
  • Psychic Higher Guidance Services
  • Quan Yin Magnified Healing
  • Reiki: Saint Germain & Angelic Reiki
  • Red Feather Melchitzedek Priest Readings & Energy Healings
  • Your Personal Higher-Self-Power, Guardian & Guide Readings, Channelings, Energy Healings.

Akashic Library Record Readings & (Optional) Energy Healings for…

  • Which past life is blocking your - happiness \ money \ health \ wealth \ romance \ relationships \ career \ dream \ soul mate \ weight loss \ life?
  • Your creative, authentic expression. What do you really want to create?
  • Your influences from outside sources. What is manipulating you? What would you like to influence you?
  • Your influences from past lives. Past life regressions (as they pertain to you here & now).
  • Your interactions with people, friends and family, places, events, situations and things. What do I have to know to improve my relationships?
  • Your repeating dreams.
  • Your repeating patterns, behaviors, habits, actions, thoughts, moods and attitudes.
  • Your soul purpose and its alignment with your personality, temperament, persona, nature.
  • Your spiritual growth, path, progress, obstacles and current blocks.

Types of Akashic Library Questions: Who, What, When, Where, How, Why?

  • Akashic “Who” Questions: These can never be for information about a specific person in your life. Why? Because information about a person is never given about a specific person without their own, specific permission. They can be about what “types” of people in your life. (Example: What do I need to know, do in order to have positive, creative, supportive people in my life?)
  • Akashic “What” Questions: These are one of the best expansive types to ask. These questions give you the most insight. (Examples: What do I need to know in order to feel more peace in my life? What do I need to believe in order to change what I create as “True” my life? What do I need to change to change this in my life?)
  • Akashic “When” Questions: Again, questions of this type are not definite, as the answer is not given in respect to earth time. Also, your answers take in to account factors and external influences not known to you [Which is a reason you choose this as a source of information]. (Examples: What do I need to change in myself [my life] to allow [this] ______ to happen? What must take place before that (happening) occurs?)
  • Akashic “Where” Questions: Questions of this type change, as the answer is not given in respect to earth time. Also, answers take in to account factors and external influences not known to you [Which is a reason you choose this as a source of information]. (Example: What do my Akashic Guardians and Guides have to share with me on moving to Prague?)
  • Akashic “How” Questions: Another of the best expansive types to ask. These questions allow for the most open insight, guidance and direction. (Example: How can I create more repeat business?)
  • Akashic “Why” Questions: These are answered from the higher guidance, higher- self perspective, avoiding the personality specific “blame, shame, criticize and complain” perspective. (Examples: Why is this person in my life for [this] ______ to happen? What must take place with me before I can have this type of person \ place \ event \ situation \ thing in my life?)
  • Avoid Should, Would, Yes/No, Either/Or Questions: These types of questions are not expansive, don’t allow for the real reason you are asking a question, and limit your possibilities, options and potentials around your issue.

Michael Zarchian…

  • Is joyfully dedicated to offering in service energy healing training, and Life Coaching with self-directed guidance to people who; want to master change and joy (enjoyable change), create new different solutions for fresh original results, know new beliefs to create new truths, replace fear and anxiety with FUN AND ADVENTURE! To assist people like YOU achieve the types of individual change, happiness, relationships, work, play, challenges, and potentials that are personally meaningful and valuable to them. So they can create their life, and not have life and circumstances create them!
  • If you are looking for a proven professional with extraordinary life experience who can guide you to address with your authentic self-directed actions: Why can’t YOU enjoy changing what YOU want to change in YOUR life?
  • Utilizing over 30 years of experience working with all types of amazing clients with all types of challenges, problems, concerns, situations and worries. Co-creating with them their individual visions of success, highest potential and satisfaction.
  • Why am I unhappy, or Why am I “happy”, but still feel like there is something more? Why can’t I enjoy doing what I want to do in my life? What do I “don’t know I don’t know” that is stopping me? Why am I living an empty life with empty personal beliefs and values? You’ve come to the right place.

I AM working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success.

My mission and commitment is to co-creatively, with YOU, assist you in self-leadership, self-love, self-change and self-enjoyment. Applying a “Values Based” approach to create the life you want.