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Richard Cisneros

Richard Cisneros has been a Clairvoyant and a Medium for over 25 years. He is also a Speaker and an Intuitive Practitioner. His virtues are utilized to provide guidance and profound insights through Angelical Readings, Workshops, and One on One sessions. Experience authentic guidance for everyday situations on your daily living such as:

Personal Relationships

Business & Finances

Spiritual Awareness & Development

Balance of Mind, Body & Spirit

Harmonized Personal Well-Being

What is a Intuitive Tarot/Angel Reading?

A Intuitive Tarot/Angel Reading is when a you will ask a specific or a non-specific question(s) during a session in which you will receive Spiritual Guidance through the Divine.


For Clarity

For Liberation

For Reassurance

For Profound Conscious Awareness

What happens during a Reading?

Richard will guide you to be in the PRESENT DIVINE MOMENT by a brief meditative state that will allow you to be open, aware and receptive to all Spiritual Guidance at the present moment of the reading.

The Guidance will be as it presents itself thru Divine inspiration for any given situation. Questions will arise and answers shall be given to you in accordance to this present situation in hand and for you to move forward with peace, true confidence and energy.

RATES: Nature's Treasures special...$2.00 Per Minute