Sara Hansen

Blessings in 2016! The time is now. It is our time to expand further than we ever thought possible, shine our authentic selves and ascend to higher realities. My name is Sara Hansen and I do psychic readings from a pure and elevated state. I was born in New Orleans and have traveled the Eastern world studying energy work, healing modalities, mediumship, body work, etc. I have studied with Debrah Katz, author of You Are Psychic & founder of The International School of Clairvoyance.

I attune to each individual and begin my readings by telling you what I see in a loving way. My goal is to be a keen observer and listener. I will tell you what I see and allow my guides and your guides to interpret the pictures. I will then answer specific questions that you may have regarding your relationships and life path. Often times each and every one of us has guides that are nudging us along and lighting our path for us and sometimes we just need reassurance, insight or validation about what we are sensing inside. I would love to be that person for you and help you empower yourself to make the highest choices for your soul’s evolution.