Sohan Kaur Khalsa

Sohan Kaur has a deep connection to the Infinite and over 20 years' experience in healing and different spiritual practices. Through her own daily spiritual practice she opens and holds space for your healing and growth whether it’s through a reading, healing session or a yoga class. Sohan channels Reiki and Angels readings as well as spiritual support sessions.

Angel readings are uplifting and supportive guidance on your path. Unlike tarot readings that may predict the future (although that happens sometimes), the angel cards look at what’s happening in your life today and how you can support a positive outcome in the situations in your life.

Reiki healing sessions are a channeled energy modality that brings life force energy into blocks in the field and body to help release tension and heal the body and emotions. Rei is the Universal Life Force and Ki is the personal life force which fuels our body, thus through this channeling the Universal Life Force is used to support the personal life force to facilitate healing. The session can be done hands off or with a light laying of hands on the body. Reiki customizes to your intentions and can relax the body to facilitate physical healing, or release blocks in emotions and the energy field.

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