Katie O

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great esteem that we present Katie, a Nature's Treasures veteran of over 3 years! Living proof that great things come in small packages, she is a tour de force of knowledge about all of our wares. Whether you're cleansing a chakra or looking for the perfect lab specimen, she is eager to share her wealth of knowledge with all of our prized customers! During her stint in this realm, she finds herself drawn to cats, tacos, R&B and perhaps her favorite thing of all, performance arts, particularly poi. Now that she is of suitable adulting age, she is pursuing a degree in biochemistry, which she will use to make it easier for developing countries to have access to clean water. Born in Houston, Katie has been settled in Austin for the last 13 years, where she raises an adorable 2-year old named Star, and fully expects to be reincarnated as a unicorn.