Tarot & Oracle Exposition

April 14-15 • 11am-5pm. Readers & Vendors NT Auditorium • Seminars by the Readers throughout the day in the NT Studio.

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Meet our Presenters and Vendors!


Demystifying Crowley and the Thoth Deck

Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947) - the English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer who has made a mark in pop culture - created a tarot deck that is one of the most beautiful, rich and complex tarot decks ever made. Many people are even afraid to tackle it and start off with "easier" decks.

In this talk Anthony Williams (who has used this deck almost exclusively for over a decade) will shed some light...


Angels Among Us - 2:30 Saturday



Orishas & the Tarot

A lens into the forces of the Orisha in the Tarot; this Workshop will explore the Yoruba Pantheon in the Tarot system via definitions, symbology, numerology, colors & other means, it will guide us to recognize their energy in our decks and how to acknowledge their characteristics and messages in a reading. We will explore cards that correspond with 7 main Orishas, spreads that can help us tap into their wisdom and how to utilize these...


Wisdom, Water, Body: Retrieving the Princess of Cups

Join Priestess Anaya Swan for an in-depth exploration of our inner worlds through the path of the Princess of Cups. During this hour-long workshop, we’ll examine the card’s various facets and layers, our journey proceeding from the outside in, mirroring the path discovery often takes, both in divination and self-work. This session will include elements of ceremony, gentle movement, grounding, lecture and discussion as we open the space/create...


Reading the Bridge Playing Deck

Diane Parma will give the story of how she learned to read by using her father’s Bridge playing cards deck. In her early years of card reading, she asked the Universe which deck she needed to use and was told her deck was in the living room. Guided to the Bridge deck, Diane will describe her story and how she reads the playing cards. She will explain Suits and how to read the details of the cards.

Diane Parma is an Intuitive who...


Oracle Decks and Creative Writing

Author of Mapping The Hero's Journey , will lead a workshop to engage your creativity using oracle cards. Demonstrating with the deck she authored, Secrets of the Mystic Grove , she willshow how you can develop a character using just three cards. This introduction to using oracle cards with creative writing will widely open your own imagination. You can expect to leave this

brief chat with one more tool for your own writer's toolbox....


Psychic Self Protection Techniques for Readers

Please join Artist + Psychic Medium Marcella Kroll for a 1 hour presentation and discussion on how to psychically protect yourself when giving a divination reading. She will offer insight and other helpful tips to create a collaborative relationship with your Tarot or Oracle cards.

Marcella Kroll is an artist, psychic medium, metaphysical teacher, contributing author, public speaker, and host of the podcast Saved by the Spell . She is a...


History of the Tarot

Join Austin’s Elaine Ireland as she journeys through the history of the Rider Waite Tarot.

Elaine has worked as a practicing Psychic and Tarot Reader for 60 years. This work includes teaching various levels of Tarot and psychic development, meditation, radio and television shows, participation in and producing psychic fairs, lectures, and workshops across the nation.

Over the years, she has had the honor of helping families and...


How to Work with your SourceEnergyArt Tarot Deck

Focusing your mind on receiving guidance really works. Prepare yourself with knowledge, and let the cards I designed speak to you. During the Talk, I will answer one question from each person, explain how the cards talk to eachother how you can learn to personally listen for their messages.


Kathleen Deyo BFA/Ed.,M.S.Special Ed

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