Anaya Swan, Austin 3:30 Sunday

Wisdom, Water, Body: Retrieving the Princess of Cups

Join Priestess Anaya Swan for an in-depth exploration of our inner worlds through the path of the Princess of Cups. During this hour-long workshop, we’ll examine the card’s various facets and layers, our journey proceeding from the outside in, mirroring the path discovery often takes, both in divination and self-work. This session will include elements of ceremony, gentle movement, grounding, lecture and discussion as we open the space/create a container for this work and invite her particular magic into our lives.

Anaya Dream Swan is an artist, visionary, priestess, singer, pianist, healer and maker of talismans. Born in the northeastern US, Anaya moved to the South during her childhood and has lived primarily between Austin and New Orleans. Currently residing with her family in North Austin, she offers psychic readings using the Tarot, healing sessions, and ceremony to her community.