Eno, Austin 2:30 Saturday

The Tarot Tree

In Eno’s Talk, you will learn the true essence of the Tarot and its origins, viewing the Tarot from a different perspective. Hermetic alchemy and Kaballah are the matrixes from which the Tarot manifested. Uncover the arcane knowledge of the Tarot as discovered by vanguards who helped unlock its mysteries.

My name is Eno. Originally from south Louisiana, I moved here with my wife about 3 years ago.

I have been reading cards for 8 years, but eventually delved into the ancestral roots of the Tarot, so to speak. It came more by happenstance than intention, because it was during my spiritual journey that led me to the Hermetic Arts as well as Kabbalah. Both of these schools of thought lended to the eventual construction of the Tarot as we know it, and from there I began to pursue the true origins and purpose of the mystical 78 cards.