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Atlantean Healing™ Soul Retrieval Private healing Sessions

Wed 26th & Thurs 27th

These sessions are designed to balance the energy field as Atlanteans believed dis-ease was a manifestation of the imbalance in the energy field. Fragmentation of the soul may occur when we experience trauma in our lives, this can be through shock, sudden loss of life and injury, loss of beloved family, friends and pets, traumatic childhood. The fragments of the soul could have left us at different times in our life and stay trapped within the moment of that trauma. These healing sessions are designed to bring back pieces (or all) of the fragments of our soul to bring about balance in our life.

Possible symptoms:

Emotional emptiness. Use of external sources to fill void within - may be an addiction -alcohol, drugs, food etc.

Feeling of being disconnected.

Not able to get over a situation/problem Not feeling in control, Scattered feelings

Why do I keep giving my power away? Feeling of loneliness.

These are just some of the possible symptoms,

A Limited Number of Private healing sessions are available.

Cost per session $75.00. To Reserve a place please email or contact us through the website.

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