Crystal Mastery Workshop

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This 3-day experience takes one through steps, into mastery with working with crystal energy. Whether you want to expand the quality of your personal life or have practical tools to assist with working on a professional level, this course can assist. Along side the extensive list of crystal facilitation techniques practiced are a series of guided meditations. These meditations contain various clearings and activations that assist with our ability to work with energy and crystals. This fun loving workshop with these crystalline friends provides a nice environment to grow and glow as a certified crystal practitioner.

Practical applications of crystals include :

*Master Connecting, Reading, and Communicating with Crystals

*Cleaning, Charging, and Programming Techniques

*Building Crystal Grids and Vortexes

*Healing Sessions with Crystals

*Tuning Individual Crystals

*Creating Crystal Clusters

*The Gem Ray Connectivity

*Chakra Balancing Technique

*DNA Activation

Just a few of the several Meditations & Activations Include :

*Becoming the Keepers

*Crystalline Light Bodies Activation

*Meditation with the Crystals Skulls