2024 Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Soil

The Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, was right when he said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Color has therapeutic value and the power to subtly affect your mood, emotions, and state of mind. If you need to shift how you are doing or feeling, you can consciously choose to wear or decorate with a color that brings in the right frequency.

If you are seeking a greater sense of warmth, comfort, and stability, let me introduce you to a color you need in your life: Soil. According to HMH Architecture & Interiors, Soil is a color that is having a big moment in 2024, and for good reason. When the world is feeling uncertain and shaky, we gravitate toward steadying forces.

Soil is more than a color. It is a source of sustenance for all life on this planet. The color, soil, is a deep, dark, and earthy shade of brown. You can find this color reflected in rich, dark chocolate squares and a comforting cup of coffee.

Soil brings in all the relaxing nature vibes you would get by taking a walk outside in your brown Birkenstocks. It is the color of buffalo hair and eagle feathers. Soil is deeply grounding and settling. It’s good for the soul and serves as a remedy for frazzled emotions and racing thoughts.

If you want to give your body and nervous system the message that everything is going to be alright, bathe yourself in the color of soil. One of the best ways to do that is to seek out soil-colored crystals to wear as jewelry or place in your environment. Crystals combine the healing properties of color with the added power of a natural, coherent energy field. These four crystals are dark, beautiful, and incredibly soothing.

Bronzite: Though it might look plain and unassuming in rough form, Bronzite sparkles to life once it is polished. This dark brown, iron-bearing member of the pyroxene group has a metallic, bronzy luster. The iron content in Bronzite gives it powers of grounding, balance, and protection.

The energy of Bronzite has been described as warm, rich, comforting, and inviting. That feeling you get right after you sink into a hot tub—that’s how Bronzite’s energy feels. When your world feels busy and overscheduled, Bronzite gives you permission to just relax and be. Known as the stone of courtesy, Bronzite brings out polite behavior, friendliness, charm, and goodwill.

Bronzite has a grounding quality that brings you into the present moment. Grab it when you are experiencing anxiety, especially due to being in new situations or in conditions you cannot control. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence while keeping you calm, cool, collected, and able to meet any challenge.

Bronzite resonates with some important Divine Masculine qualities. It has powerful protective properties and is known to erect solid psychic shielding--bouncing bad vibes back to sender. Bronzite can amplify discernment, decision-making, mental clarity, and manifestation. It is a stone that pushes the timid to take positive action when appropriate.

Bronzite can heighten psychic senses such as clairvoyance, precognitive visions and dreams, and channeling ability. On the physical level, it gives the body a boost of energy and helps with pain relief. Work with Bronzite to soothe the digestive system and strengthen the immune system.

Prophecy Stone: This unusual dark stone found in desert regions looks and acts like a meteorite, yet it is a Limonite pseudomorph. Pseudomorphs are the result of the stone’s original material being replaced by a different mineral over time. The original structure of Prophecy Stone is from Marcasite and Pyrite, which was later altered into Limonite and Hematite. It got its reputation as an oracle stone because the person who discovered it got prophetic visions while meditating with it—as have many others.

Prophecy Stone is a next-level grounding stone. It ushers in powerful waves of higher-dimensional light into the crown, channeling it through the body and chakras, and then anchoring it into the Earth Star chakra below the feet. It completes the electromagnetic circuit between you and the planet, creating a stable, grounded connection. This stone establishes the energetic templates necessary for a greater embodiment of your spiritual light in your physical form.

Prophecy Stone activates the third eye and crown chakras to awaken interdimensional vision and connection. It can be directed in meditation to help you access probable future timelines and glimpses of events yet to come. Prophecy Stone is a tool of shamans, assisting with navigating through other dimensions and grounding the symbolism and messages received there.

This dynamic stone can also clear blockages in the chakras and help you transform old patterns and stuck areas. It is a wonderful antidote to stress, tension, and anxiety. Prophecy Stone works in conjunction with Reiki and other energy healing modalities to help stabilize energy and ground the healing work into the body. It has been used to support detoxification and to decelerate the growth of cancer cells.

Dravite: Dravite is the name for Brown Tourmaline, which gets its color due to a high level of magnesium. When magnesium is found in crystals, it confers powers of calming, mood balancing, and rejuvenation.

Tourmaline has a striated structure, which means it has parallel groves recessed down the length of the stone. The striations form amplifying pathways for energy to flow, strengthening the power of the stone. With Dravite, you have a powerful tool for directing calming, grounding, and clearing vibrations into your biosystem and reality.

Dravite is known as a stone of self-acceptance and shadow work. Shadow work is a term used to describe the process of becoming consciously aware of parts of the self that have been hidden, buried, or suppressed. Emotions that are judged as negative or unacceptable can be buried in the shadow self, such as shame, fear, anger, jealousy, or hatred. Dravite helps to unearth shadow content so you can process, heal, and integrate it. Coming to a place of love, understanding, and acceptance of your shadows will free trapped energy and ultimately upshift your vibration.

Dravite’s striated structure makes it a powerful tool for grounding and clearing. It can dissolve blockages in your chakras, aura, emotions, and mind. It acts as an electrical plug that can connect you to the power source of the earth. Dravite provides extra juice and stamina to overcome challenges in your path. It also forms a protective shield around you that blocks out negative energy.

Dravite has a calming effect that feels reassuring to the mind, body, and emotions. It helps the heart chakra to relax and let go of stress, tension, and worry. Dravite supports you in overcoming addictions. It helps you recognize and heal the root causes of the addiction, and it boosts your self-love and the willpower necessary to kick the habit. Dravite can support the regeneration of diseased organs in the body and is healing to the digestive and lymphatic systems.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz embodies shades of chocolate brown due to natural radiation interacting with aluminum impurities inside the crystal. Gentle and grounding, Smoky Quartz is crystallized comfort from the heart of Mother Earth.

Smoky Quartz grounds your energy and consciousness into your body and into the present moment. It acts as a connector between your energy field and the Earth. Negative energy is released from your system and channeled into the planet, where it is purified and transmuted. Depression, anxiety, stress, and fear are siphoned off, resulting in a much lighter emotional state.

Smoky Quartz creates a protective filter around you that blocks negative vibes, psychic attacks, and EMFs. Wear it to keep your energy shielded, or strategically place it in stressful environments such as your workplace or in a hospital room.

Smoky Quartz promotes organization, stability, practicality, and rational thought. It focuses your mind, counteracting spaciness and scattered thinking so that you can knock out your to-do list. It brings you into an empowered, clear space that is conducive to manifesting your ideas and vision into reality. Smoky Quartz can help you heal your relationship with your body and restore a sense of motivation and enthusiasm about your life.

Meditating with Smoky Quartz can help you relax and ease your consciousness from the beta state to the alpha state. It can step down the energy of etheric beings, such as fairies and spirit guides, so that they are more easily perceived. Smoky Quartz can support detoxification and the digestive system while reducing inflammation and pain.

Sometimes the best medicine is digging in the soil. If you want that good earthy energy without getting your hands dirty, grab these four soil-colored crystals. They will support you in feeling secure, steady, and much more relaxed.