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The Rock Depot

Our lapidary services are located inside The Rock Depot.

The Rock Depot is the lapidary and rough rock department of Nature's Treasures. We are located in the white building at the north end of the property. This department offers both rough and polished rocks and minerals. We also provide lapidary services such as cutting, polishing, and drilling. Our staff is available to help you choose items for your landscape project, personal collection, or business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we repair jewelry? No, we do not repair jewelry but we are able to refer customers to other local businesses that provide this service.

Can we finish a specific service in a day? No, we cannot complete a one day turnaround on any service we offer. The wait time for any lapidary order is around two weeks.

Do we provide tumbling services for customers? While we do tumble materials at the store, we are unable to provide this service to customers.

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Details on Lapidary Services

Drilling - Our base price for drilling is $9.00 for a basic drill project with material that is less than 1/4 inch thick and up to 4mm drill bit. Any item over that threshold will be priced by complexity.

Cutting - we charge a flat fee of $1.65 per circumference inch. The size limitation for cutting is 11" x 14" x 16".

Cabbing - The general fee for our cabbing services are $43.00 per item.

Face Polishing - The charges on polishes vary depending on the size and surface deviations that could add complexity to the service. This can either be done by hand or on a reciprolap machine.

Give us a call or stop by for inquiries on the service you are looking for!

We do offer phone order shipping services on all of our products for a fee. When providing these services our staff does their best to pick material that our customers appreciate.However, the nature of rough material is such that large variation occurs amongst the same material and some pieces will have different features.