Nature's Treasures Rock Depot

The Rock Depot

The Little White Building on the End

The "Rock Depot" is the lapidary and rough rock division of Nature's Treasures. We are in the white building located on the north end of the campus, near the railroad tracks. We offer lapidary services (cutting and polishing of rock), rough rock sales and finished product. We will help you choose rock for your garden, home. business or person.

Our lapidary services are located inside The Rock Depot. Ask our Team about your project.

Inside the Depot

Views from inside The Rock Depot


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We don't repair jewelry in the Rock Depot. There are several places in Austin to have jewelry repaired but we can recommend a Jeweler. Jeweler: John Hutchison at Art of Gold, 512-244-6599 - 1711 S. IH-35
  • We are NOT responsible for breakage due to fractures.
  • Prices listed on the website and in the store are starting prices. Actual cost will vary according to the stone and the services requested.
  • Sorry, we can't provide lapidary services "while you wait." Work orders are processed in the order they are received.
  • We Do Not Cut or Drill Toxic Minerals!! (Malachite, Cinnabar, Realgar, Orpiment, Galena, Minerals containing Arsenic or Lead)