The BIG Move


By now you've all heard of the 111+ businesses in Austin being moved for the TxDoT IH35 Corridor Project. We wanted to let you know Nature's Treasures is one of those businesses.

Thank you all for expressing your concern and support for Nature’s Treasures of Texas as the TxDoT IH35 Corridor Project moves forward. We have met with TxDoT and been assigned a Relocation Specialist (HDR) to help us during our move, which is projected to happen next year. TxDoT and HDR are communicating with us so we can develop timelines that work for Nature’s Treasures, and we are hopeful that the move will take place sometime next summer (May-August). Since our property has not been acquired by TxDoT, we are still awaiting our Notice of Eviction or “90-day Letter,” in which TxDoT is required by law to provide at least 90 days, but will offer extensions as able due to the size of our inventory and limitations in finding adequate space to accommodate our needs in the same general area. TxDoT has made it clear that they are legally responsible for paying any and all moving costs incurred by us due to this project. Nature’s Treasures will still be responsible for any tenant improvements (which we anticipate to be around $200,000 for a space our size) when we do relocate, of which TxDoT is only authorized to reimburse $25,000 due to federal mandates and limitations. We are strategizing ways to minimize losses due to relocating and ensure a smooth transition for customers and staff to a new location. We are blessed to have a magnanimous and well-informed property owner, a skilled and creative business owner, capable management, an enthusiastic staff, and of course YOU, our supportive community.

Our hearts go out to local businesses that are being negatively impacted by this project, and we hope that they will receive the same level of care and courtesy from TxDoT as shown to us. We hope the City of Austin and its leaders will exercise apt due diligence as they continue to negotiate terms and plans for this project. As a company we have chosen to embrace this uncomfortable change and manage it as a growth opportunity so that we can bring you even more convenience and treasures in the future. Many blessings!