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Inform your Soul by receiving colored light, crystals, and sacred geometry on your skin. Colorpuncture removes blockages for a person to better access their Soul program. This allows for a greater sense of well being, and purpose in life. Relief of pain and better functioning of body systems are common results.

Your introductory session could provide:

-Regulation of the information...


Psychic from childhood, Anne Berlin began actively working with the other side in her early 20’s. Those in spirit are drawn to her energy and her ability to help those on both sides of the veil. A remarkable clairvoyant and empath, Anne further refined her skills as a medium during her tenure with the First Spiritualist Church of Austin. Well known for her classes and podium readings, she also served the church as president and as a...

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Willow Peak Wellness is a Veteran owned company. I have perfected my personal craft of energy healing with a combination of Reiki and intuition to provide a unique experience for your personal healing journey. I specialize in Sacral Transformation Coaching, where we base your healing from your Sacral Chakra. An Empath, I have a background in Life Coaching and medical care.


medium, clairvoyant psychic, energy healing, past lives

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As a Spiritual Counselor, Yuci guides her clients to live more holistic lives by helping them to be balanced in spirit, mind and body. She believes that if you have inner peace, you can overcome any life challenges with ease. Yuci offers individual or group classes and workshops to help bring inner peace and harmony to her clines lives. She uses various tools such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Angel Guiding, Akashic Records, Tarot Readings and...

Walter Ernst Natures Treasures Texas

Walter Ernst began his journey as a psychic, Medium, channeler and spiritual teacher after his life changed course when he survived an accident off his horse and suffered a traumatic brain injury. After refusing to seek any further treatment for his brain injury, he decided to not let it have a negative effect on his life but to turn it into a learning experience. With meditation, visualization and a gift to connect to spirit, Walter was...


Stefanie Fix engages in tarot card reading and dream interpretation. Inquire at booths as to rates.


Adrienne Goff is an author, healer, and teacher with a specialty in the healing crystalline kingdom.

Adrienne’s books,Crystal Healing for the Whole Being and Becoming Crystal Clear, are required reading for anyone who is an aspiring crystal healer. You can find her informative crystal healing articles featured on major metaphysical websites such as in5d.com, lovehaswon.org, and theeventchronicle.com. Her...


Ricardo Gonzales is a Psychic, Medium and Tarot Reader in Austin, Texas.

He works with Angelic Communications and does Spiritual Counseling and prayer treatments.

Ricardo is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister from the International Metaphysical Ministry University Seminary and holds a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science.

Because of his Spiritual belief, his Prayer Treatments are heavily defined in healing the Soul. This...


Psychic Angelic Channeler

Peter Hansen is a renowned Psychic Angelic Channeler with a special connection with Archangel Gabriel. Peter's readings include angelic healings, etheric cord cutting from any unhealthy entities, real life ascension guidance, and observing possible futures or parallel realities.


I've been working as a practicing psychic for over forty years. That work has included teaching various levels of Tarot and psychic development, meditation, doing radio and television shows, participating in and producing psychic fairs, lectures and workshops across the nation.

Over the years I have had the honor of helping families and police departments search for loved ones. I do not claim to be accurate 100% of the time, but...

Eva Lott Practitioner

Rev. Eva Lott, Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist, Coach, and Reiki Master

You are invited to Sit, relax, and unwind.

As an Energy Healer who uses Reiki and Healing Touch, Eva will work with your energy centers and auras to clear, balance, and harmonize your well-being. Your personal relaxation session will allow you to identify and release, and to open and transform your energies to meet your highest good. Eva...


Christine is a dedicated Lightworker committed to bringing guidance and healing to others. She is deeply empathic allowing compassion to lead every interaction. She connects to Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals and Ascended Masters through clairvoyance and clairaudience. She is an enthusiastic Reiki practitioner with a love for sharing this healing energy. Christine is also knowledgeable about crystals and their energies. She is often...


Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin is a psychic medium, dream interpreter, reiki master, spiritual counselor, intuitive, life coach, and empath who provides higher guidance through her connection with spirit. Sheryl has a doctoral degree in Holistic Theology, is Ordained as an Interfaith Minister and is the owner and operator of Heaven-Pathways-Earth. At Heaven-Pathways-Earth, we are committed to serving God’s divine law and the needs of you and...


Mia Michel has always felt a strong connection with the spirit world. She is descendant from a lineage of spiritual healers and shamans and she got to grow up close to them. Her whole life has been a journey of self-discovery, self-growth, and transformation.

Mia uses her experience, intuition, and tools to assist people in finding purpose and fulfillment in their lives. She is eager to share her knowledge with others while guiding...

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Intuitive Medium, Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Worker, Reiki Master

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Sighted Intuitive Astrology/Tarot and Past-Life Consultations. I live and have a full-time professional practice here in Austin, Texas and have for 13 years.

Astrology is a wonderful tool to help us understand ourselves and others better. Using astrology, we can find out more about what makes us tick as an individual, where our innate strengths and weaknesses lie, what our potentials are and how we can best develop these and put...


Sally is an Angel Card Reader and Clairvoyant Medium based in Austin, Texas. With over 10 years experience, Sally offers her empowering work right in our own backyard and it is a true gift to our community and surrounding areas. The energetic healing and support you experience with Sally's insight, knowledge, and channeled angel messages are powerful transformational tools for your personal journey.

In your session with her,...

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Alice is a Texan girl with a Gift, with over 10 years of experience. Alice was born here in Austin, Texas, she is a Down-to-Earth, Hilarious, Professional Psychic Medium & Healer/Curandera. She provides quality Psychic & Mediumship, Restorative Healing, Spiritual Guidance and Curanderismo services, as well as Spiritual Awakening.

As a Psychic Medium Alice can receive messages from your deceased loved ones in spirit and your...


Amber is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. She has worked in the health and fitness industry for 14 years. Her continual desire to help others has been manifested as a coach with the Special Olympics of Texas Power Lifting Team. In addition to being "mommy" to two wonderful souls, she continues to expand her sensitive nature to include helping others achieve balance and, in turn, peace.


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Tracy St. Croi is your after-life connection specialist and intuitive. She connects deceased loved ones with friends and family to achieve peace and closure.

She continues to develop her intuitive and evidential mediumship skills through the Arthur Findlay College of psychic sciences in the UK.

Tracy hosts a lively and upbeat monthly mediumship demonstration in Austin. She also teaches intuitive...


I am a priestess, artist, and healer offering tarot readings at Nature's Treasures. I am also a musician, a Reiki master, and a magical seamstress.

Psychic work, healing, and counseling are a part of my daily life, and it is part of my service to share these gifts and tools with others. Transmute, transform, evolve.

With deepest gratitude for my many teachers, I thank the city of New Orleans; the flowers and creeks of the...

Laura Tree Natures Treasures Texas

Laura is an intuitive guide and mystic, Divinely inspired through communion with Source, Earth and Celestial Devas (angels). As a Reiki Master Teacher and Atlantean Healing Practitioner, she will bring these Highest Light energies into your reading or you may choose to receive a traditional treatment on her comfortable table. Laura is initiated as a Sanskrit mantra therapist, using the subtle vibrations of the ancient, sacred chants to shift...

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Clairvoyant Psychic, Tarot, Numerology, Past Lives, Chakra Balancing & Intuitive Counseling

Tara has picked up on psychic messages since she was young. She lovingly receives channeled guidance from your soul/higher self. Her clients describe her sessions as empowering and compassionate. As an “eclectic psychic”, she knows that no one single modality is right for each individual, and enjoys interweaving a range of spiritual...


With the philosophy that humankind is humorous right to its core, Kramer dispenses a deep-fried, homespun wisdom that pokes fun at our foibles and embraces our common sense.

“The biggest problem with astrology is astrologers,” Kramer says. “Too many of the practitioners of this interpretive art form are serious. Way too serious.”

The Science of Astrology involves the exact and precise calculation of the location of the...

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I am a Psychic, Tarot Counselor, Magickal Life Coach, and Female Empowerment facilitator. I connect with the Goddess during my Tarot Sessions in order to give you massive mindset shifts and clarity. Currently, I mentor students through my Magickal Life Coaching, and I teach Tarot basics to students looking to expand their spiritual practice.