Shungite The Miracle Stone

Shungite has had a lot of interest in the past several years, and for good reason! Shungite is the 2 billion year old mineral that is hailed as a modern “Miracle Stone” of the 21st century....

NT Herkimer Diamond

In traditional circles, Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. However, we are seeing an increase of alternate stones being used, especially in Europe. Let us introduce you to one of them--...

Natural Moldavite Shapes

"Being made of stardust, we are much like a star. We shine with light and burn with inner fire... We don't need outside energy because we are energy" - Paramita Hazra

At one point in time the atoms that make up all celestial bodies whether stars, planets, moons or meteoroids were...


General Traits

Aquamarine is a beautiful Beryl ranging in colors of blue green to various inspiring hues of sky blue. The element it's associated with is water and...

The Love Stone Triad

Love has acquired many different names and definitions over the centuries. Regardless of which type you look at though, all forms of Love require a subject, namely one’s self or someone/something else. It is important to balance the love of self with the love of others, lest we become sociopaths...


The name Garnet comes from the Phoenician punica geranatum meaning pomegranate by way of the Latin granatum or granitus, and refers to this crystals distinct crystal habit, color and luster. Garnet...

Flashy labradorite shines with a variety of hues

“Magic, do as you will!” ~Schmendrick the Magician, The Last Unicorn (film version)

Labradorite was named after Labrador, Canada, where it was originally discovered. From this northern region, the Inuit people have passed down the story that the Aurora Borealis became trapped in...

Queen Dzer's bracelets.jpg

Turquoise may be the first gemstone ever mined. This opaque to transparent mineral has been cherished as a gem for over 7,000 years. Although the solid sky-blue color often called “Robin’s Egg Blue” or “Persian Blue” is by far the most popular, turquoise is also found in shades such as apple...


Although Turquoise is a traditional birthstone for December, its cousin, Chrysocolla also has some suitable traits in the month of holidays. Chrysocolla is a secondary copper mineral known to occur all over the world including Israel, Egypt, the Congo, Peru, Chile, Australia and is especially...


Solaris Golden Healer Quartz, originally named by the Nature's Treasures Family back in 2012, is a variety of high-grade quartz from Arkansas with a natural iron-titanium coating that formed as the quartz grew within an iron-rich clay matrix. Some believe that the coating resulted from lightning...