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Although Jade holds great value in many cultures, it has also become one of the most ambiguous gem names on the market. Knuth outlines a progressive history of Jade in Gems in Myth, Legend and Lore. What we know today as “Jade” originally referred to the mineral Jadeite and became...

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*Opal Terminology:

“Play-of-color” is the proper term to describe the rainbow flashes in Precious Opal. In the gem world, “fire” refers to the effects of faceting a stone causing scintillation as light enters a gemstone, bending and refracting to result in flashes of color. This is a...

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Although Opal (SiO2*nH2O) has a similar chemical formula to quartz (SiO2), it does not possess a crystalline lattice and is therefore not a mineral like quartz. The lack of a crystalline lattice and presence of molecular water also makes Opal much less durable with a hardness of 5.5 compared to...

Opening the Akashic Records Maureen St. Germain

As a teacher of the Akashic Records, I teach people how to access the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a field of energy that contains all the records of everything. It is a living field that reflects the energies of the past, present, and possible futures - like a library that is not...

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With only three months of non-freezing weather and a treacherous terrain, one could imagine that northern Russia was the Ninth Circle of Hell as depicted in Dante’s Inferno. It is no wonder that Siberia’s mineral resources are still vastly unexplored. Many mining companies find that the risks...


To provide some disambiguation Sapphire can occur in many colors and belongs to the Corundum (Al2O3) family. In its purest form, Corundum would be white (if opaque) or colorless (if translucent) because aluminum (Al) and oxygen (O) are both colorless. However, because this mineral is...

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Blue Sapphire likely derives its name from the Sanskrit word sanipriya meaning "dear to the planet Saturn," and is considered one of the few precious gemstones. By definition, a gemstone is a rare, beautiful and durable stone, and since...

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Fluorite (CaF2) belongs to the cubic crystal system, meaning that it is one of the most symmetric minerals on Earth. The blocky crystal habit of Fluorite epitomizes organization, and from it one can learn how to process, store, and recall information. Many energetic healers also report that...


Peridot, the birthstone for August, is the gem version of the mineral Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) that belongs to the Olivine Group. The name Olivine comes from this mineral group’s range of olive colors. The iron-rich end member (Fayalite – Fe2SiO4) is brown to black while the magnesium-rich end...

Natural Ruby in Zoisite July Birthstone at Natures Treasures in Austin Texas

Ruby gets its red color from trace amounts of chromium within this gem mineral. Therefore, it has a distinct hue that makes it stand out against the blues and greens of kyanite, fuchsite and zoisite. In all three cases the Rubies occur as red blebs in the blue or green backgrounds. In some...

Raw iolite stones

Iolite is the blue-violet variety of the mineral cordierite, (Mg,Fe)2Al3(AlSi5O18). Cordierite has many interesting optical properties including a high birefringence and dichroism. Dichroism literally translates from Greek as “two colored” and describes when a mineral appears different colors...

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Lori Lytle Coleman, owner of the Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop, got her rock hounding bug while farming with her late husband in the Mississippi Delta in the 1980's. It started with picking up rocks in the field before planting then became a fascination with arrowheads on the surface after a good...

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Agate is a rock comprised of layers of cryptocrystalline quartz known as chalcedony. Each layer represents a different period of mineralization, and thus has a unique character. When different elements or mineral inclusions are taken up by the chalcedony layers, they may have specific colors or...




It’s that time! Back to school is chock-full of items to consider and an opportunity to seek out resources that can help students in their classes this year. As an educator and former private tutor, I know firsthand the fears that students generally carry with them into school. In a tutoring...


Herkimer Diamonds are not diamonds at all! In fact, they are clear, double-terminated (pointed on both ends) QUARTZ crystals found hosted in the dolostone layers of Herkimer County, New York. Belonging to the quartz family, Herkimer Diamonds have the chemical formula SiO2 and...


Turquoise has a long standing history in the world that goes so far back as to predate its own name. Although the oldest piece of turquoise jewelry was found on a 7,500 year old mummy, the name turquoise, meaning "Turkish stone," was not coined until the early 13th century. The stone was given...


"O Sing, choirs of angels | sing in exultation" begins the second verse of the well-known Western Christmas carol "O Come, All Ye Faithful". As this song resounds in one's mind, this particular stanza may reverberate with an alternative meaning.

One could easily replace...


All fossils are rocks, but not all rocks are fossils. Once-living organisms can become preserved and, under the right conditions, the organic tissues of the organism can slowly become replaced by minerals such as calcite or quartz turning the remains into stone. This...


In modern times most people know amethyst as the February birthstone. However, Amethyst has a rich history in mythology and lore spanning time and the globe. The name is derived from the Greek word amethustos meaning 'not drunken,' although the etiological (origin)...


“We Rock”

Karen Richards is a daily fixture for countless Austin commuters. Delicately seated inside a giant amethyst geode, Richards has smiled radiantly

from a highly visible I-35 billboard for Nature’s Treasures since she opened her metaphysical rock shop in 2000. “Everyone feels...


There's a buzz phrase in the world of crystal healing...Negative Entropic Quartz. There are a number of different types of quartz crystals differentiated by mineral content and formation such as Generator crystals, Transmitters, Channelers and Elestials among other Master Crystals. Each...


Superman's Fortress of Solitude! In actuality, this is a gypsum (aka "selenite") crystal from the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. The "Cavern of Crystal Giants" featured in National Geographic (...


Ametrine is a rare gem variety of quartz named for its naturally occurring combination of purple AMEthyst with yellow ciTRINE. These two color varieties are believed to occur together because of a process known as twinning by which two chemically distinct quartz crystals intergrow. The...


Nature's Treasures of Texas proudly sponsors the Society for the Advancement of Modeling and Role Modeling (SAMRM) annual nursing conference in San Antonio. SAMRM strives to expand their understanding of holistic nursing and the application of alternative healing.

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Yesterday I took 80 new pics of beautiful new items, I'd never seen before at the store. It was so much fun to hear about each one. Here is just a sampling! Come in and see them all for yourselves!


We are working to become an Austin Green Business Leader!

Retrofitting and replacing store lights with energy efficient LED bulbs

Reducing paper by switching to a low energy POS system.

Switching from bottled water to a water filtration system.

Using rechargeable...


Sweet Satya is the creator of one of our new handcrafted, handdrilled lines of stone jewelry, including unique crystal headdresses that can be found exclusively at Nature's Treasures of Texas. If you would like to get to know the artist, check out her video below.


Earthy elements may elicit crystal clarity


Some people use classic art prints to decorate the interior of their homes. Others go for the “arts and crafts” motif, or at least a vintage look. Others are more the “salt of the earth”...


Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15, 9am - 5pm

Admission: $3/adult, $2/child (6-12), children under 6 free.

Special rates may apply for school, scout and youth groups.

Location: Old Settler's Heritage Association (inside)

Next to the Dell Diamond on US Highway...


Nature's Treasures donated door prizes to the American Cancer Society's first ever (in the nation) LGBT "Color Out Cancer" gala to celebrate survivors in the LGBT community and help raise awareness.


“Levity helps us rise above whatever has been bringing us down.”

-- Swami Beyondananda

Dear Friends, Fans and Co-Hearts:

Cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda, whose favorite yoga pose is tongue-in-cheek, will be bringing his brand...