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June 9th, 2024 • 12:00-4pm • $285.

This workshop was designed especially for empaths to unbind karmic patterns, release limiting beliefs and awaken authentic emotional intelligence.

Empath protection: Group Healing session, Guided Meditation and interactive Techniques for recalling our power, staying protected in our openness and connecting with the body-mind.

Embodied emotion: a somatic movement experiential and creative expression.

Holding new space for happiness: finding the gifts of awakening after a dark night of the soul. Regardless of where you are in your empaths journey, this will be a meaningful and beautiful experience of self exploration and shared insights! Pre-register...


*90 mins @ $150, for initial workshop. Plus optional seamless addendum of hands-on 15 mins @ $100.

*Personal Sessions Sunday, 16th $500 for 2+ hrs

*Her jewelry and NT stones supporting this energy will be for sale in the event space

*Her entourage (2 women) will do Live Stream sales in the store


How to Communicate with your Pet!

Bring your pet for a psychic reading. (Works with photos too)

At our new location:

11055 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. 78753


Stern Hatcher, Pet Reader/Psychic

Tara of Heart Seed Healing, offering Tarot readings

Blair of Whimsical Alchemy, offering Angelic Reiki

a Free Presentation

June 16 • 3pm

Readings and healing session costs vary by the facilitators.

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A whole weekend of Tarot and Metaphysical Practitioners... Sign me up! This event is free to attend, including all our featured presenters' talks. So reserve a practitioner and get some clarity on the main issue in your life - or hang out for a few hours and hear tarot wisdom from tarot masters themselves. (Individual Practitioner's fees based on their posted hourly rates). Our roster of fabulous metaphysicians is still growing! Check back regularly so you don't miss out on your favorite reader.

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Join three of our most revered (dare we say crones?) With tons of experience for you to get your burning questions answered.

Elaine Ireland, Deborah Dahmen and Linda Snow.