Practitioner Art

We at Nature’s Treasures are showcasing artwork created by our in house practitioners. Our artists will be featured on a monthly basis so you will have the opportunity to see the beauty and feel the energy from these amazing works of art. All artwork is for sale. Prices are displayed with the piece. Please pay for your selection at the front counter.


March Artist: Denise Nitti

Intuitive Energy Artist

I connect with your energy and paint what I feel. Sometimes I paint with my hands and sometimes with a brush.

*Personalized Message included with each painting

• Angel Messages • Personalized Readings • Personalized Energy Painting • Vibrational Energy Paintings


April Artist: Tore Sol

Abstract Aura Paintings

Toré Sol is an Austin native raised in Washington state and had moved back in 2016 after graduation. Toré started doing energy readings & healing in 2020 which eventually led to the rekindling of their passion for painting. Toré primarily uses acrylic on canvas following more of an abstract/paint pour theme. Majority of their work is custom Abstract Aura Paintings. They start by taking a...


May's Artist: Sheela Goodrich

Mixed Media

With a passion for the expressive arts, Sheela’s work incorporates therapeutic art with a curious and playful exploration of energy in motion. Much like her practice as a mixed modality intuitive energy healer, she utilizes mixed mediums in her artworks such as acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink, and paper collage. Her intention is to communicate a depth of beauty & sensual emotion with texture,...


June's Artist: Stern Hatcher


My photographic work is a word salad of imagery. My subjects range from the exodus of shoppers, lightning storms, interesting studio portraits, and festivals, to a tiny spider’s dinner. Since 1986, teaching photography has guided my path in helping others, and I have collected many cameras, photographs, images, and tools. I take photos using the creative aspects of learned formal composition with a...


July Artist - Yuci Edwards

Yuci Edwards

Holistic Spiritual Guide

As a Spiritual Counselor, Yuci guides her clients to live more holistic lives by helping them to be balanced in spirit, mind and body. She believes that if you have inner peace, you can overcome any life challenges with ease. Yuci offers individual or group classes and workshops to help bring inner peace and harmony to her clines lives. She uses various tools such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy,...


August Artist -Julie Reeves

I discovered that painting was what I was meant to do. Since that time, I have discovered the images that Spirit give me and how to make colors and light sing. I enjoy working with watercolors and mixed media; my subject matter is mainly landscapes, flowers spiritual studies and birdlife. I have been branching out into abstract shapes. I strive to show that the seemingly delicate medium of watercolor can be bold, rich and dramatic....

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November Artists - Judith Miller & Pam Jernigan

Judith Miller - Judith Miller a native Texan is a BFA graduate of Unversity of Tulsa, where she studied with Alexander Hogue, Chuck Tomlins, & Tom Manhart. Her major influences Dada, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism & Op Art with particular attentionto the Decalcomania methodology of Max Ernst & slashing brilliance of Jackson Pollock make her work unique. Her most recent work includes an exploration of the inclusion of...


January Artist - Josie Middleton

As an artist, I try to use my Spirit Guides and my dreams. I love using a wide variety of techniques, with Watercolor, Gouache and any items for collages. It’s an intuitive feeling of love and expression. I will use any number of items for my expressions! I hope that everyone feels their heart in my art! As an Austin, Texas native , I feel I am lucky to have been a part of the very creative areas of this City. ENJOY!