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Owner Karen


You may have seen the sweetly smiling redhead in an enormous geode on a billboard alongside I-35 in Austin, but who is that Mona Lisa of crystals that some of us pass by everyday? Meet Karen Richards, the Owner and Founder of Nature’s Treasures Texas!

Born in California, she has explored and lived in many regions of the US before making her home in Austin, TX over 30 years ago. She has been a successful business woman in a wide...

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Retail Manager

Michael received his Bachelor's of Science in Earth Sciences from Rice University in 2008 and continued on to earn his Master's of Science in Geosciences from The University of Texas at Austin in 2012. As the Nature's Treasures Retail Manager, Michael sees to daily operations, employee relations, customer relations, jewelry purchasing, educational outreach, and marketing & advertising. Keep an eye out for him on the “We Are Austin”...


Inventory Manager

Amanda received her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education in 2007 from Concordia University in Austin, TX. Amanda joined the Nature's Treasures family as a front counter employee in 2010. Since then she has worked her way up and is now the Inventory Manager. She oversees the entire inventory process from our shopping trips to Denver & Tucson to processing and even stocking and restocking new and exciting products within the...


Although born in Colorado Springs, Alex grew up in neighboring Georgetown, but has always spent most of his time in Austin-proper. As a business management major at ACC, Alex recognizes there is so much to learn about the world. He first started on his spiritual path through music, numbers and numerology. Alex says "I love everything about Natures Treasures, and the conversations with the customers more than anything else". When he is...


Allison moved to Austin from Florida to further her education in geology and vertebrate paleontology. In her free time she enjoys hiking, camping, skating, and reading. You will see Allison working mostly in the Rock Depot and Rock Yard, but she also helps restock the Showroom as part of the Inventory Team.

"My favorite stone is a silicate mineraloid known as Opal, the vibrant color play and the odd lumpy crystalline structure has...


Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Amy spent much of her time as a kiddo running around with her Barbie camera taking candid photos of her family and pets. She later received her degree in Digital and Photographic Imaging from Texas State University. After graduating, she moved to the eccentric city of Austin, worked in the hospitality industry, and began to build her portfolio to make photography a full-time career. The stars aligned and...


Charles is originally from Jacksonville, FL, and has only been in Austin for the past year as of June. Charles got his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology from the University of North Florida in 2016 and has been applying what he’s learned ever since. Charles’s fascination with Social Psychology, as well as, various diverse cultures, histories, mythologies, and spiritualities has made him a constantly learning student...


China Rose grew up all over finding that home is where the heart is. She moved to Austin from Durango, Colorado with her daughter in 2015. A renaissance woman, China's jobs have varied from sushi chef to landscaping. Now she helps coordinate inventory and orders for Nature's Treasures Online. Outside of work, she enjoys skateboarding, cooking and swimming, and aspires to breed insects and become a mermaid someday!


Chris is a Houston native that moved to Austin in 2016. With his B.A. in Studio Art and Philosophy Minor, he continues to pursue his artistic endeavors in various media including darkroom photography, painting, drawing, and jewelry making. Working at the Front Counter of Nature's Treasures, he has rediscovered a childhood passion for crystals that compliments his vast knowledge of classic and esoteric beliefs.


While studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, Christine traveled to Austin, Texas with her class for a design project which inspired her to move out to our weird city after graduation. She finds joy in befriending stray animals, making people laugh, and creating magic with art, design, and computers. You might see her covering our in-store events for social media or peeking out from the corner of the Online Store - but...


Elaine has been at NT since August. She is also a painter that has had her artwork shown in Texas and California. Her favorite crystals are zebra calcite, moonstone, and labradorite. In her spare time she likes spending time with her pet turtle, Shelly.


Originally from Houston, Gerardo received his BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. A part-time job at UT led me to my first managerial job. My accounting experience includes parking, medical, wholesale/retail, import/export, and food industries in both small and large business settings. My career highlights include having travelled to Latin America to work with folk art artisans, taking on accounting projects, and learning...


Kate has lived in Austin virtually her whole life (minus a few years that she spent in Dallas for high school). Her crystal journey began not too long after visiting NT for the first time almost 4 years ago. She was immediately hooked after getting the basics (amethyst, a gem tree etc.). Now after working for Nature's Treasures for over a year, she has learned more about crystals than she ever imagined possible. Kate is studying to...


Born and raised in ATX, Katie G attended The Art Institute of Austin and studied Media Art and Animation hoping to join Pixar Studios! However, as life sometimes goes, spirit led Katie to San Marcos where she learned office administration! Today she uses both of these skill sets at Nature's Treasures helping to create product content, maintain inventory, , handle shipping and intuitively select items for customers of the Online Store. Katie...


Originally from Orange County, CA, Katie has always loved crystals, but didn't really start learning about them until about 4 years ago through various online groups. Having a family of 6, Katie likes to spend her spare doing all sorts of arts and crafts, including making jewelry. She also enjoys learning about different cultures, reading and singing. At Nature's Treasures you can find Katie in either our Retail Showroom or in our Rock...


Jimmy joins us from Katy, Texas. He moved to Austin 2 years ago. An avid rock and fossil collector, Jimmy found himself working in the Rock Depot on the weekdays and then commuting back to Houston to work at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on weekends. These two places have been ideal environments for Jimmy to learn and find joy as he loves all natural beauty. When not working you might find him partying, throwing edged weapons,...


Justin grew up in Leander and received two associates degrees from Austin Community College. He joined the Nature's Treasures team as part of a competition with a friend to see who could get a job in a geology-related field first. In addition to a passion for rocks, Justin loves biking and went abroad to Bosnia to bike the mountainous terrain there. You may see him in our Rock Depot, but if you're into Austin night life you might also see...


Juyna was born in Kerrville, TX and grew up in Georgetown, TX where she studied Business Management at Southwestern University before completing her degree at Texas State to be a little closer to family. Juyna was a frequent customer for a number of years before joining the NT family as a front counter employee in 2015. She is now the Inventory Department's Assistant Manager and loves being a part of processing all the new treasures after the...


Madisen grew up in Mason, Texas before moving to the Austin-area. She attended Texas State University, where she obtained her Bachelor's in psychology with a minor in anthropology. As one of the Front Counter Trainers and Aura Readers, she enjoys interacting with both customers and employees, especially when she gets to discuss astrology or help people find crystals that heal energetic ailments. Outside of work she enjoys dancing,...


Born in Colorado, Mari moved around a lot, and has lived in at least 10 different states. She has lived in Texas for about six years.

Career highlights include working with two United Way agencies, one as an Executive Secretary and one as a Medical Transcriptionist. She is thankful that she had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom to her four children, including 21 years of homeschooling.

Hobbies include traveling,...


Nance grew up in Pennsylvania before moving to the Southwest to finish her education in Arizona. In addition to being a semi-retired optician, Nance works at Nature's Treasures as an Event Coordinator, Aura Reader and Front Counter Staff Member. In any role Nance loves learning new things and assisting customers and coworkers. She loves nature and exploring, and utilizes her intuitiveness and massage training in 'assisted touch...


Tore is a military brat, originally born in Austin but considers Olympia, Washington home where they spent a majority of their childhood. They moved

back to Austin in 2016 after graduating high school and booking a one ended. Tore always had an interest in the occult and metaphysics as a child but didn't start pursuing their practice until shortly after moving back to Austin. In their free time they enjoy flow arts, painting,...


You might not have met Cheryl while at the store, but if you are reading this - you might recognize her work. She maintains the main NTRock.com website, creates the monthly newsletters and designs billboards, flyers and other eye-catching ads that notify you of sales and special guests presenting here at NT. Cheryl is a mosaic artist and sometimes teaches classes here allowing you to use the beauty and bounty of Nature's Treasures in a...