June's Artist: Stern Hatcher


My photographic work is a word salad of imagery. My subjects range from the exodus of shoppers, lightning storms, interesting studio portraits, and festivals, to a tiny spider’s dinner. Since 1986, teaching photography has guided my path in helping others, and I have collected many cameras, photographs, images, and tools. I take photos using the creative aspects of learned formal composition with a “Catch-as-catch-can” approach.

I studied visual art at Texas Lutheran University and earned a Master in Art and Technology from The University of Texas Dallas. I have taught college, high school, and junior high students creative photography. We all have our phones, but time, experience, glass, and technique create my style. My imagery contains vital elements of design, color, beauty, or oddity. I do this work expressively, portraying life through the eyes of a passerby. My view of reality follows straight photography traditions, finding art in our personal or alien environments. My current projects include nature photography and studying alternative fabrics, unusual or non-traditional clothing, and the human form in the struggle of finding the self.

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