April Artist: Tore Sol

Abstract Aura Paintings

Toré Sol is an Austin native raised in Washington state and had moved back in 2016 after graduation. Toré started doing energy readings & healing in 2020 which eventually led to the rekindling of their passion for painting. Toré primarily uses acrylic on canvas following more of an abstract/paint pour theme. Majority of their work is custom Abstract Aura Paintings. They start by taking a polaroid with a neutral background, then meditate with the photo to visualize the person's aura colors & patterns within the auric field. This energy is then painted and reiki charged to promote self realization and healing wherever the painting is hung. Consider it an Energy selfie with the goal of seeing your true colors. Every Abstract Aura painting is accompanied with a detailed explanation of the aura colors and anything else that may have come up during the session. To order a custom Aura Painting please ask the front counter staff; they'll get you set up with a picture and collect payment. Aura painting takes about 1 week to create and can be shipped directly to you or picked up at Nature's Treasures.

In addition to Aura Painting, Toré also creates other forms of energy paintings using reiki symbols and their personal spiritual experiences with other energies. These will be available for purchase in the Practitioner room during the month of April. Prints will also be available alongside original copies. If you have any additional questions about the Aura paintings or any other artwork available please contact Toré directly at tore@cosmicintentionsatx.one

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