Sheela Goodrich

Healer of Healers

Sheela Goodrich is an intuitive energy healer with over thirty years of experiential knowledge in Metaphysical wonders, development of the five Clairsenses, and mastery of multiple healing modalities. As a Doctor of Divinity, Ordained Metaphysical Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Advanced Psychological Pranic Practitioner, Life & Relationship Coach, Meditation Guide, and Therapeutic Artist, she is passionate about sharing these many gifts and how to manifest abundance, health, vitality, and joy through spiritual truths. Sheela specializes in healing the healers on all energetic levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She will encourage you with a nurturing exploration of your own unique and authentic expression.

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Sheela Goodrich: Intuitive Advanced Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Metaphysical & Spiritual Mentoring, Life & Relationship Coaching.

Available: By Appointment Only. Call: 512-577-4055.