Angelite: Stone of Awareness

Whether you want to connect to the Angelic Realm or quickly feel soothed with spiritual peace and serenity, Angelite is for you! Learn more about this Blue Anhydrite, its history, healing properties, and how to use it here on Nature's Treasures Blog.

Tumbled Angelite


Angelite is a beautiful sky blue to lilac blue stone that is a relative newcomer to the world of crystals. It is translucent to opaque and has some white within. Occasionally, you may find some with red hematite flecks.

Angelite is also known as Blue Anhydrite, the name comes from the Greek word anhydrous meaning “without water”. Its chemical composition is CaSO4 and is an orthorhombic crystal. Many people confuse Angelite and Celestite, for good reason. They are both calcium sulfates and carry many of the same properties. Actually, Angelite is Celestite that was compressed for millions of years.

Angelite is a very soft stone registering 3 to 3.5 on the Moh’s scale. Since this is a very soft stone, please do not store it with harder stones. This stone cannot be exposed to water! If you do, it transforms into gypsum. You can use sage, singing bowls, chimes or a soft, dry cloth to clean it.

Angelite Orgonite Pyramid


Angelite was discovered near Machu Picchu, Peru on the very eve of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence that was organized by Jose Arguellos. Some believe that star beings gifted Earth with Angelite at the time of the Convergence as a sign of the New Age. It was also thought it was a "Thank You" in exchange for humans organizing the first global peace meditation event. Thousands of people gathered at vortex locations across the world for a synchronized global meditation to experience the combined energies of peace, harmony and love.

Angelite is now also found in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Libya and Poland.

Angelite Sphere


Whether Angelite was a gift from star beings or a fortuitous coincidence, most agree that it is a “gateway crystal” connecting us with other dimensions. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular crystals to connect with the Angelic realm, Akashic records, guardians and totems. It is also said to help with astral travel, spiritual journeying, remembering dreams, and enhancing ones understanding of telepathy, astrology, tarot and math. This is a superior stone to help ease you into meditation states, guiding you to a deep state of consciousness. Angelite has the ability to let you soar spiritually yet gently maintain your earthly connection at the same time.

Angelite’s softness exudes a calming, peaceful, serene and soothing essence. It promotes compassion, acceptance and the ability to speak your own truth. This lovely crystal helps with psychic channeling and facilitating your reach for universal knowledge. This stone is associated with the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Healers find Angelite a great stone to heighten attunements and perceptions. When used on the feet it is said to unblock meridians. It is thought to balance the physical and etheric bodies thereby creating a more harmonious body. It purportedly can take pain and transmute it to healing. Angelite is known to work on the throat, thyroid and parathyroids. It is said to cool sunburns. Some people make an elixir to use as a diuretic and help with weight control. It has been recommended to help correct hemoglobin deficiencies. Angelite is also used for issues with the skeletal system, arthritis, osteoporosis and some say it helps to increase their mobility range.

This special blue stone is said to alleviate grief and ameliorate anger. Angelite may help you with psychic healing guidance and facilitate the re-birthing process. It is a preferred stone to assist you with vibrational shifts, ascension and increase your inter-dimensional awareness.

Angelite is one of the most soothing stones you can have in your spiritual arsenal. Whether you have tumbled stones, spheres, angels, angelite orgonite or you wear it in jewelry it is sure to bless you with its calming influence and benevolence. Star being gift? I don’t know, but it is a heavenly thought and lovely stone!