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April Birthstone- Herkimer Diamond: Stone of Attunement

In traditional circles, Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. However, we are seeing an increase of alternate stones being used, especially in Europe. Let us introduce you to one of them-- The Herkimer Diamond: Stone of Attunement.


The Herkimer Diamond is not a true Diamond. It is actually an extremely powerful, high frequency and high vibration double terminated Quartz crystal. It gets the “diamond” description due to its exceptional clarity, luster, and strength compared to most quartz.

Some Herkimer Diamonds have rutile inclusions, mostly of black carbon and/or Goethite. Appearance is normally short, stubby, clear colored and can be small or large. Occasionally it has a smoky appearance and rarely enhydro (water inside) specimens are found.


Herkimer Diamonds are mined in the Herkimer County area of New York, USA. Although the first finds were in Middleville and Little Falls, New York. Therefore, this crystal is also (rarely) known as Middleville Diamond or Little Falls Diamond. Many other countries are mining stones that are essentially the same crystal as Herkimer Diamonds, but many collectors claim they lack the high quality found in New York. These countries include: Canada, Mexico, England, Norway, Germany, China and Morocco. However, it must be noted to be considered a true Herkimer Diamond it must be from the Herkimer County area of New York.

In the late 18th century the Mohawk River Valley in New York was being excavated. Large outcroppings of Dolostone, mostly Dolomite, were found to contain “pockets” or cavities that exposed the beautiful Herkimer Diamonds. This led to a rush much like prior “diamond rushes”. The stone is approximately 500 million years old and while not a diamond it certainly displays like one which is what led to the diamond nomenclature. Today there are a couple mines in the Herkimer area you can pay to mine for these extraordinary crystals. The work is hard but most who have found their own Herkimers say it is worth the effort.

Herkimer Diamond Info


Little is known about any historical myths and folklore related to this stone. There are a few goddesses some associate with this stone. One is Latona, Roman Goddess of Light & Motherhood. The other is Angerona, Roman Goddess of Silence & Secrets.

In modern times, many people have become enamored with this crystal and has determined it has special meanings and uses. Melody, the beloved author of Love Is in the Earth, says “The Herkimer Diamond is known as an 'attunement' stone”. It can be used to attune with another person, environment, or activity.”

Some say if two people are to be separated they can hold two Herkimer Diamonds between them for a short time with the intent of staying connected to one another through distance and time. Each should keep one for themselves. It is said that it will strengthen their bonds, comfort them and give a sense of still being together. It is also said to be able to forge a telepathic bond with each other. Perhaps this is why choosing Herkimer Diamonds for engagement rings is trending?


Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful Feng Shui crystal. Hang one in a window and let it bring the energy and light of the Sun into the room to disperse negativity.

Due to the high vibrational energy and power related to Herkimer Diamonds one should gradually acclimate oneself to it. The size truly does not matter with this crystal. A small point is an extremely powerful ally. Herkimers are great partners for dream work, visions, astral travel, meditation, intuition, clairvoyance and creativity.

Melody in Love Is In The Earth relates “The Herkimer Diamond is quite useful for dispersal of toxins which have accumulated in the body and for rebuilding the cellular structure. It has been used to correct imbalances in RNA/DNA and in the metabolic rate.” Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, says “Herkimer with Citrine is an excellent antidote to fatigue caused by negative energies."

Moldavite Herkimer Diamond Pendant


Robert Simmons, in Book of Stones, tells us “Herkimer Diamonds can enhance the properties of any beneficial stone, yet they have a particular affinity with Moldavite.” He continues “Herkimers also seem to enjoy being with Herderite, Satya Loka Quartz, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Celestite and Danburite. These are all stones of the highest vibrational frequencies and Herkimer Diamonds will magnify their effects.”

Happy Birthday to our April friends! Lucky you to have Herkimer Diamond as your birthstone. Herkimers are an extraordinary partner as you travel your path, assisting your spiritual growth. You couldn't ask for a more powerful ally on your life journey.