Astrology Overview for February, 2024

We are focusing on February, 2024, but to do that successfully must back up a few days. The most significant transition in 2024 occurred on January 20, when Pluto entered Aquarius from Capricorn. On the same day, the Sun was conjunct Pluto, magnifying the intensity of this cosmic shift. Now that the planet of regeneration is moving forward in the most humanitarian sign, we are collectively shifting into significant changes in humanity. 2007-2008 were the years that Pluto was first coming into Capricorn, the sign that promoted established structures like banking and government. The passage of Pluto through Capricorn revealed radical breakdowns of these old structures.

For February, 2024:

Beginning in February, the movement of Pluto through Aquarius is where we are charged with creating a world in which ALL human beings are cared for by our humanitarian and community activities. Worldwide, polarized opinions about whether all human beings are/are not cared for is the big breakdown of Pluto’s first forays into Aquarius. We are also experiencing exploding technology (AI) and a world driven by the internet and social media are very rapidly leading us into the Age of Aquarius.

Individually this shift of energy impacts us all in different ways depending on where Aquarius is in your natal chart. We can be encouraged by its energy to become more open minded and humanitarian. I tell people they will be involved into causes of “saving something,” the Earth, people, whales, dogs, etc. We will also be introduced to more inventions and science.

We also have Jupiter (a benefactor) in Taurus in February which continues to bring opportunities for patience, and focusing on creativity, comfort and stability. There can be a delight for sensual pleasures and a desire for the “simple good life” with Jupiter in Taurus.

A big wild card for February 14, Valentine’s day is that Mars (anger, libido, action) is conjunct (next to) Pluto (power) on the 14th. That day and the surrounding ones will be emotional and transformative; primarily in good ways, but sometimes in ways that are upsetting.

Venus and Mars are traveling together (Yay!) first through Capricorn (think socially acceptable) then into Aquarius (innovative!) on the 15th. Which will undoubtedly add some heartfelt energy to the whole Aquarius picture.

So use these few days to lean into the idea of allowing all changes to take place so deeply, that it is truly like dying to yourself, only to be reborn. Maybe put a little attention onto what changes need to continue and deepen. Many Blessings, Julie