Astrology Overview for January and much of 2024

On December 30th, Jupiter (giving benefits) started going direct. We will feel this for several days after the 30th, and it will give us a sense optimism and enthusiasm for 2024. This leaves only Uranus (chaos) to move directly on January 27th causing some brief disruption.

On January 1, Mercury goes direct making communications flow much better. Significant decisions can be made, especially those we’ve been holding off on.

On January 4th, Mars moves into Capricorn. It wants us to notice what’s in front of us, plan our next move, and get down to business so we turn ideas into realities.

On January 18, Venus moves into Sagittarius, meaning we will be focused on love relationships with someone that understands and respects the need of individual freedom.

Then all planets will be moving directly for several months. This will give a feeling of momentum, and the speed of events will pick up. All planets will then be direct until June 2, 2024, when Pluto starts going retrograde.

Jupiter will travel through Taurus until the end of May, which will help people “speak truth to power.” It will also bring its energy to increasing our individual income. Anyone with planets or angles from 3°-7° of the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius may feel a sense of greater expansion, opportunity or personal growth at this time with the station of Jupiter.

Events will also start to happen very quickly from now and for the next decade. So this is an excellent time to find a simple way to bring yourself back to your heart. This can be being in nature or using a simple breathing technique to calm yourself.