This month, we are still in a period of gentler transformation and growth for all zodiac signs (very thankful). The Sun is now in Gemini from May 20th to June 20th, triggering all sorts of communication with all sorts of people (some of which you probably don’t enjoy). As we navigate Gemini Season, looking at situations from all sides rather than merely assuming is crucial. Being curious and open-minded is vital in mastering this season. Embracing diversity (hello, Pride Month!) and holding space and understanding for others by communication is the goal of Gemini.

This month exhibits a delightful blend of happiness, opportunities and mild chaos. Mercury, the cosmic messenger, starts this month as it enters its home sign, Gemini. Advance planning is not on the table; spontaneity is taking over. It enables us to get the conversations going but don’t expect a calm flow. A new moon also in Gemini, sets the scene for us to start new projects, involving our ideas and even giving opportunities for love. What a great start as summer approaches. Then, Mars, the planet of drive and motivation, enters the stable sign Taurus, coming out from the troublesome Aries. This gives us the momentum to build a solid foundation that will benefit us in the future.

For the second half of the month, Venus and Mercury enter the nurturing sign Cancer, inviting us to hold space for compassionate discussions and security in our relationships. Things will begin to heat up as Vesta, the asteroid of devotion and keeper of the sacred flame, enters the fire sign Leo. It will trigger our passion for justice, especially involving current world events. The Sun's journey into maternal Cancer manifests a period of self-care and emotional fulfillment. The full moon on June 21st at 1° Capricorn actually squares Pluto (transformation) forcefully bringing emotions to the surface about your self-confidence (or lack of). But this conflict is helped by Neptune (spirit) in an angle (60°= sextile) to Pluto giving you a can-do spirit, making you unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. Another effect of this sextile is especially nice with transiting Neptune/Pluto sextile because it gives us a natural leaning toward spiritual rebirth and awakening. This isn’t the type of awakening that comes from trauma or hard-knocks living; it is a natural understanding, an inner yearning for spiritual depth. Spiritual depth can look like different things to different people and where these planets land in your natal chart will tell you how and where this energy will play out.

June wraps up with the structure-oriented planet Saturn going retrograde, possibly stalling progress in creative projects. Which might be a good thing to rethink the goals you want to achieve.

Global events over the last 4 years are meant to show us that the old systems aren’t working to our benefit. This is most certainly a time to step into our individual sovereignty and to feel that at a spiritual level of our being. It is a remembrance of who we once were. So stop waiting. You are enlightened and purified enough. Each of us carries wounds and scars - none of us is 100% healed and purified. You are spiritual even if you don't meditate, channel or have crystals. We are born spiritual and we will leave this world that way. Thank you all for being here.