Astrology Overview for May

This month, we are all still a little jazzed by the positive but impactful Solar Eclipse on April 8th; which will continue to affect us for about 8 months. So with that underlying energy going on, we need to look at what is on the surface for May.

The alignment of the planets suggests a period of milder (thank God!) transformation and growth for all zodiac signs. With the Sun shining steadfastly in Taurus until the 20th, stability and practicality will be prominent themes for many. So it’s a time to focus on grounding ourselves and making practical decisions that lay the foundation for future success.

First thing on May 2, Pluto begins its yearly period of retrograde motion. Look for possible power plays during the first week of May. While technically a small planet, Pluto brings deep, vast changes and takes some time to accomplish its tasks. But things could get a bit reactive as we begin this particular May with an intense square between Venus and Pluto. It can manifest as power and control issues between each person’s love and their values. This is the moment to embrace change involving your own desires.

Venus entered Taurus at the end of April. Your senses will be in a state of appreciating the beauty around you. Your days should be pleasant (well except for that hiccup around the first 3 days of May, see above), especially when it comes to relationships and love in general. Venus in Taurus adds enjoyment to cultural events like music or arts in general. Hint, this is the best time of the year for successful shopping.

However, one word of caution. For the first two weeks of May, Mercury and Mars are both in the fiery sign of Aries. A wave of intellectual energy and momentum will energize us, urging us to explore new ideas and embrace change. Your energy can get you anything you long for. However, look out when there are any stressful situations because you may tend to behave thoughtlessly and even arrogantly.

This will all unfold in time for the New Moon in Taurus to happen on the 8th. The best part is that this New Moon energy will be grounding and quiet, giving you the space to set clear intentions to support what you need and also what you want.

Expect an overflow of positive changes beginning the 18th and after with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus all together in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the sign that desires stability, finances, love, and sensuality. This time will highlight all these themes, pulling you into making necessary decisions involving love, justice and self-security.

This conjunction is to break up old stale patterns and routine. PLAN to do something different and not just for one day. Uranus transits make us recognize what we have already outgrown. When we stick rigidly to our old stale patterns, then sudden change is more likely to come unexpectedly from the outside rather being planned like we need/want, as the music of astrology has to play.

Also, try to get into the mindset of using astrology for self-empowerment rather than the planets 'doing things to you'. The planetary energies do come in but we can learn to use them positively (granted this is sometimes difficult). This is an opportunity that will unfold over the coming months and years to raise your frequency, help you to see things from a higher perspective.

It may appear that the world is in a very bad state. That is the noisy, loud demise of the old order that some want you to continue to believe. However, just know how much amazing loving energy is happening quietly, peacefully, behind the scenes. This will never appear on the nightly news. The kindness to an elderly neighbor, sharing food with others, working to save our natural environments. . . just observe where your FOCUS is in your day to day life. A prominent Buddhist author refers to our focus as our SuperPower; take back your quiet, loving power inside yourself.

The Real Lesson: Just let the old fall away and don’t spend your emotional energy on what you DON’T want. It is strange that through much of our lives we have energized by our thoughts and feelings what we don’t want then wonder why we have a hard time. We need to change this, to be emotionally invested in what we DO want. To become Masters of our energy and frequency to accelerate the manifestation of our lives and of a better world. The more that we focus on high frequency emotions of Peace, Love, Joy, and Gratitude, the greater the momentum we give to the global energies that are creating New Earth.