Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals — Purple Frost

Color is a form of vibrational medicine that subtly affects your consciousness, mood, and emotions. Being aware of this allows you to deliberately fill your aura and environment with colors that feed your soul.

Professional color forecasters have made their psychic predictions of which colors will reign next year in the field of design. According to HMH Architecture & Interiors, the 2024 it-colors will be Marigold Saffron, Purple Frost, Cyber Citron, Luna Green, Khaki Trenchcoat, and Soil.

This fresh color palette was chosen to support humanity in feeling grounded and optimistic amid this modern era of uncertainty. These colors are inspired by the healing power of nature, juxtaposed with technicolored hues from a brighter future. Purple Frost, the topic of today’s article, is a shade of light purple or lilac. It has transcendental, feel-good qualities that speak to one’s romantic and spiritual nature.

Imagine standing barefoot in the lavender fields of France or the Texas Hill Country at sunrise. You feel the soft dew glistening on your skin, and you breathe in the soothing scent of the light purple flowers that surround you in a peaceful embrace. This is the essence of the color, Purple Frost—renewing, relaxing, nostalgic, and uplifting.

If you are feeling affected by the stress and frenzy of life, you can find the color antidote of Purple Frost naturally occurring in the crystal kingdom. These four crystals are a vibrational match to Purple Frost in hue and energy. Place them in your home to create a peaceful atmosphere or wear them as jewelry to support you in staying calm, centered, and spiritually connected.

Purple Smithsonite: Belonging to the calcite mineral group, Purple Smithsonite is a soothing balm in a stone that gets its light purple color from trace amounts of cobalt. It has a nurturing yin quality that settles your system and attunes you to realms beyond normal perception.

Purple Smithsonite is ideal for sensitive souls who feel things deeply and tend to take on the stress and negativity of others and their surroundings. This stone has the power to unwind and dissolve anxiety, worry, stress, anger, and tension. It brings deep relaxation that penetrates the mind, body, and emotions. Smithsonite’s gentle energy acts as a cushion that can soften unpleasant energy and life circumstances. It’s like a tender and compassionate version of the Violet Flame that can clear and transmute all sources of negative energy with the power of love.

Purple Smithsonite is medicine for the heart that can address childhood trauma and trapped emotional pain. It channels the vibration of forgiveness to allow a deep energetic release of past hurt. It reminds you that you are worthy of love and affection and that the Universe supports you. Purple Smithsonite connects you with higher-feeling states from the Divine realm, such as joy, compassion, peace, unity, and pure spiritual connection.

For those interested in pursuing the psychic arts, Purple Smithsonite can shift your awareness to the unseen realms. It is known to help you move into the alpha brainwave state—a relaxed, meditative space where it is possible to access energy, information, and impressions from other dimensions. Working with it can enable you to give accurate psychic readings, achieve telepathy, do remote viewing, and increase your clairsentience.

Grape Agate: A crystal that looks good enough to eat, Grape Agate is a botryoidal chalcedony with a formation that appears like little spherical silica orbs mimicking a cluster of grapes. Most specimens are light to dark lavender in color due to the presence of clay inclusions that have an iron content. It holds a cornucopia of healing and elevating energetic properties.

Grape Agate looks like a unique work of art or a decorative item that begs to be displayed in your home. What’s even better is that it channels beneficial, harmonious energy into the space.

As a stone that connects to Jupiter and Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, Grape Agate brings in the energy of abundance, joy, and celebration. Since it is also connected to the Earth element and the moon, it creates a stable energy field that balances you and connects you to your intuitive knowing and heart.

Grape Agate activates and connects the third eye and crown chakras. It naturally deepens your meditative state and allows you to perceive and understand information from realms beyond 3D. It is recommended as a top dream stone that can help you with dream recall, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. Grape Agate helps you become aware of subtle shifts in consciousness and impressions as you go from a normal waking state into deeper, more spiritually connected brainwave states. It opens the door for you to commune with angelic, galactic, and interdimensional beings.

Grape Agate is a feel-good stone that promotes relaxation, healing, and a sense of safety. It has a grounding quality that helps you decompress and dispel stress and anxiety. Grape Agate also stabilizes the emotions and promotes heart healing by illuminating the higher spiritual reasons behind your emotions and difficult life situations. It can clear blockages and negativity from the chakras, while also providing energetic shielding and protection.

Lepidolite: Lovely Lepidolite belongs to the mica group and gets its lilac color from the presence of lithium. Stones with a lithium content are inherently soothing, mood-balancing, and third eye activating. Lepidolite is a must-have metaphysical stone that beautifully supports sensitive souls to thrive in a difficult energetic environment.

Being empathic and sensitive can lead to anxiety and overwhelm because your psychic antennas receive vast amounts of data, energy, and emotions that surround you and inundate your field. Lepidolite can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and other uncomfortable emotional states—whether they originate from you or are picked up from others. Lepidolite has a filtering effect that helps you tune out extraneous energy, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb. It also encourages you to set energetic boundaries so that you stay centered and become less affected by external forces and drama.

Lepidolite cleans up negative vibrations of all kinds from all chakras, meridians, and layers of the aura, and it offers protection from EMFs. This stone brings you back to center when life gets hectic. It soothes frazzled nerves and an overactive mind while balancing extreme emotions and mood swings. Perfect for insomniacs, it promotes peace, rest, and sleep.

Due to its lithium content, Lepidolite naturally activates the third eye to enhance intuition and psychic receptivity. It also awakens the heart and crown, enabling you to access cosmic energy, divine realms, and a higher-feeling state that transcends lower human emotions. Lepidolite gets you in touch with the wisdom, love, and holiness of your own soul, which will always guide you in the perfect way.

Lavender Amethyst Spirit Quartz: This radiant, super-charged member of the Quartz family has a unique formation. A blanket of small drusy crystal points covers the entire body of a larger, terminated Quartz. The larger, core crystal focuses and connects to the higher-dimensional realms, while the smaller points transmit the high frequencies out in all directions. Spirit Quartz comes in different color varieties, and the most common form is Lavender Amethyst, which gets its lilac color from traces of iron.

Spirit Quartz represents unity consciousness, harmony, cooperation, and upleveling. It’s been called a community within a stone, since each of the smaller points on the surface are joined together in an amplified transmission that is focused and unified through the larger host crystal. It embodies the spiritual teaching that we are all one, and it fast tracks your ability to achieve the highest spiritual goals: ascension, light body activation, interdimensional travel, multidimensional healing, and updating the etheric blueprint.

Lavender Amethyst Spirit Quartz quickly raises your light quotient and clears all chakras and layers of the aura. It is an exceptional crystal for auric maintenance that can expel negative entities and attachments, seal and repair holes and fissures in the aura, and upshift the vibration and function of every energy center. It activates the crown chakra and invites in spiritual downloads of information, codes, and love to help you upshift.

Lavender Amethyst Spirit Quartz helps you find and heal your splintered or trapped soul aspects from this and other lifetimes. During traumatic events, pieces of our soul can splinter and become lost. This crystal can help with soul retrieval, so that you can locate the pieces and mend them back into wholeness with love. It can also help trapped spirits go to the light and transcend to the next plane. If one is facing terminal illness, Lavender Amethyst Spirit Quartz can support the process of coming into a space of peace and spiritual readiness for the transition.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the stress of the holidays and the state of the world, perhaps it’s time for some Purple Frost color therapy in crystalline form. Add these four crystals to your Christmas list, and be sure to stay tuned for the next article in the 2024 Color Trend series: Luna Green.