Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Cyber Citron

2024 Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Cyber Citron

How will you color your world in 2024? Professional color forecasters have made their psychic predictions of which colors will reign next year in the field of design. According to HMH Architecture & Interiors, the 2024 it-colors will be Marigold Saffron, Purple Frost, Cyber Citron, Luna Green, Khaki Trenchcoat, and Soil.

This fresh new color palette has been selected to help us transcend the uncertainty and insecurity of today’s world. Some of these colors are found in nature and can steady the senses. Others bring a bright pop of excitement and optimism. Cyber Citron, the topic of today’s article, certainly falls into the latter category.

Cyber Citron is an ultrabright neon that feels like a simultaneous nod to both 80s fashion and the future. It is a vibrant yellow-green color that is inspired by the citron fruit—sharp, tart, sunny, and jolting. Cyber Citron is like a highlighter that draws your attention and says, “Look at me.”

If you are seeking the vivid, bold, and assertive vibes that Cyber Citron exudes, you can find it in the mineral kingdom. Incorporating crystals into your home or wearing them as jewelry is a natural way to saturate your aura and space with the healing power of color. Here are four powerful crystals that hold the hue and energy of Cyber Citron—right in time for Cyber Monday happening this month.

Green Opal: Green Opal is a verdant variety of common opal that is formed from silica and a green mineral called nontronite, which gives it a lemon-lime color. Like a Swiss army knife, this versatile stone is a tool with a wide array of healing properties that benefit your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Green Opal is a watery and earthy stone that keeps your energy grounded, clear, and fortified. It clears and balances all the chakras, while purifying the entire auric field. Green Opal especially shines at clearing emotional trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and karmic patterns. It protects against negative energy and psychic attacks, and it puts a stop to energy vampires draining you.

Green Opal is full of good vibes and is known to act as a money magnet. It attracts new opportunities that are aligned with prosperity and your highest soul mission. It opens your heart and boosts your self-love and self-worth, helping you to see the positive in yourself and in all situations.

Known as the ultimate healer, Green Opal supports the rejuvenation of all bodily systems. It is especially equipped to help heal the digestive system, the immune system, the female reproductive system, muscular pain, and headaches. It also supports detoxification and addiction recovery.

Green Opal enhances meditation and many psychic abilities and practices. It is a shamanic stone that facilitates psychic communication with departed ancestors, spirit guides, nature spirits, and animals. Meditating with Green Opal can help you recall and heal your past lives. Placed on your nightstand, it promotes astral travel and psychic dreaming.

Sulfur: Neon yellow sulfur is an essential element for all living beings, and it is also considered to be a mineral and a semi-precious gemstone. It is commonly formed near volcanic openings and hot springs, and it is often found in salt domes.

Sulfur is a talisman for the Magician or High Priest/Priestess. It’s a stone of deep mysticism and alchemy, holding superpowers related to complete transformation. In the hands of the right magician, its powers can be focused and wielded to shift beliefs, blueprints, blockages, emotions, and even physical matter into an entirely new and higher expression.

Sulfur has a cheery quality that elevates the mood and helps you feel enthusiastic and empowered. It activates the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which boosts creativity, energy levels, drive, and manifestation power. It also awakens the crown chakra, helping you to access your higher purpose and guidance.

Sulfur minerals have a negative electrical charge. Due to this quality, Sulfur has been used to dispel and clear all forms of negative energy—especially when it is interfering with your spiritual progress. It reduces anger, hostility, and impatience and keeps your egoic responses in check. On a physical level, Sulfur has been used to transmute and heal infections, fever, swelling, and skin diseases.

Lizardite Serpentine: This captivating member of the Serpentine family gets its lime-green color from the replacement of magnesium by iron. Originally an igneous rock studded with iron and magnesium rich Olivine (Peridot), it underwent a chemical alteration due to hydrothermal activity that transformed it into Lizardite.

Lizardite has a strong resonance with Earth. It can help you attune to the records of the planet and the consciousness of various Earth kingdoms: plants, animals, minerals, elementals, and nature spirits. It activates the Earth star chakra and helps you to be grounded, stable, present, connected, and aligned with the natural cycles.

Lizardite is ideal for energetic maintenance, as it can clear and align all chakras and layers of the aura. It can also be used to activate the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. When the kundalini awakens, this energy flows up the spinal column, enlivening the chakras and expanding your consciousness. Lizardite enhances meditation and opens your psychic and intuitive channels. It encourages you to trust and act upon the subtle signals and impressions you are getting.

Lizardite assists you in shedding what’s old and outdated—especially habits, patterns, and unhealthy beliefs that would prevent growth and new experiences. It helps you to reframe and overcome emotional trauma and to set healthy energetic boundaries. Lizardite amplifies the subtle messages your body is sending you and can support the healing of diabetes, digestive problems, and hormonal imbalances.

Yellow Brucite: There is a bit of debate about how this neon yellow powerhouse gets its bright lemon color, but geologists propose it is due to the presence of impurities such as iron or sulfur. Brucite is like a fountain of energy that can boost and cleanse you on all levels.

It is known as one of the strongest channeling minerals in existence, providing an infinite supply of energy that quickly raises your vibration and light quotient. Grab Brucite when you feel depleted and drained, and it will recharge your batteries and life force. This infusion of energy will naturally boost your mood and enthusiasm for life.

This stone strongly activates the solar plexus chakra and connects you directly to the guidance of your soul. It puts you in touch with the spiritual insight, power, drive, and laser focus necessary to achieve your highest goals and aspirations. Yellow Brucite is known to help you analyze all the data and make the best decisions that lead to successful outcomes. It is a wonderful prosperity and abundance stone.

If you find yourself in negative situations, relationships, or environments, Brucite can offer clean-up and liberation, especially in the most extreme cases. It helps you to detach and make a clean break from anything or anyone that no longer serves you. It mops up lower vibrations wherever it is placed, making it ideal for gridding in places with dark energy. It is known to clear infections and blockages in the arteries, and it also assists with muscle and joint issues.

If you are ready to inject some empowering Cyber Citron vibes into your aura and environment, these four crystals will do the job. Be sure to add them to your Cyber Monday shopping list and stay tuned for the next article in the 2024 Color Trend series: Purple Frost.