Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Khaki Trenchcoat

Life is like a box of crayons. Which colors will you choose this year to positively affect your emotions, state of mind, and energy? According to HMH Architecture & Interiors, Khaki Trenchcoat is a color that is having a big moment in 2024.

This neutral, light brown/beige color was historically used in military uniforms to help British soldiers blend into a dusty landscape. Khaki Trenchcoat is echoed in the feathers of a barred owl and the fur of a cougar, creating the same camouflage effect.

In the world of fashion, Khaki Trenchcoat is a classic, timeless, and understated color that gives off preppy, studious vibes. It is also rooted in nature. You can find this hue reflected in sand dollars washed up at your feet on a Texas beach or in a mushroom ring you stumble across in the woods.

Khaki Trenchcoat is a color that plays well with others—it is naturally harmonizing. With its earthy touch, it also stabilizes the mind, body, and emotions. If you’re seeking this kind of energy, you can find it naturally occurring in the mineral kingdom.

These four crystals are a vibrational match to Khaki Trenchcoat in hue and vibration. Place them in your home to create a serene atmosphere, or wear them as jewelry to support you in staying calm, balanced, and grounded.

Petosky Stone: Formed over 350 million years ago, Petosky Stone is a grayish-brown fossilized coral with hexagonal shapes that form a beautiful honeycomb pattern on its surface. This unique material is found around Michigan’s Great Lakes region and Little Traverse Bay.

It is named after the small village where it was first discovered, and it is believed that the name, Petosky, was derived from the name of an Ottawa chief and means “rising sun.” The Native Americans of this region held the belief that the sun’s rays helped to create this stone, and it had spiritual powers related to the themes of hope, regeneration, and new beginnings.

Petosky Stones display the sacred geometry of the hexagon, which holds the vibration of harmony, balance, and interconnectedness. Petosky Stone deepens your sense of connection, as it embodies the message that your life is interwoven with this planet and all of creation. A keynote property of Petosky Stone is that it brings heightened awareness, and one of the best ways to unlock this power is to use it as a meditation stone. Focusing on the captivating hexagonal patterns in Petosky Stone can still your mind and alter your state of consciousness. Taking the time to breathe and be with this stone allows you to connect with your inner self and the healing transmission of the Earth.

Used in meditation, Petosky Stone can help you surface a host of buried content that might be contributing to issues or blockages in your life, such as old fears and emotions, repressed memories, and subconscious patterns. If you regularly experience depression, anger, frustration, impatience, anxiety, or overwhelm, Petosky Stone can help you recognize the root causes of these emotional states so that you can heal them. It transmits peace, compassion, and forgiveness so that you can access these qualities within yourself.

As a grounding tool, Petosky Stone can tap you into the stabilizing and restorative vibrations of nature. Since it is a fossil, it can connect you with ancient planetary records, ancestral knowledge, and the wisdom of different ages. As a third eye tool, it enhances psychic vision, multidimensional access, and mediumship/channeling abilities. Petosky Stone fortifies the aura and protects against negative energy, entities, and interference. It is also known to support the immune, digestive, and circulatory systems while reducing inflammation in the body.

Flower Agate: Flower Agate is an enchanting form of plume agate that looks like a bouquet of delicate flowers in a stone. You’ll find three-dimensional chalcedony flower formations floating in its ethereal crystalline matrix. Beige is a predominant color found in this stone, and it can also have blush pink, milky white, and light orange hues. Also known as Sakura or Cherry Blossom Agate, it was recently discovered in Madagascar in 2018.

Flower Agate is known as a grounding stone that promotes growth, joy, and manifestation.

It embodies the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine, who lovingly holds space to support any growth process happening in your life. This stone gives you the energetic nutrition necessary for you to blossom into your brightest potential. It supports you in connecting with your higher self and spirit guides who can help you discover your true purpose. Then, it holds your hand and guides you in taking the practical, measured steps needed to manifest it.

As any good gardener knows, sometimes you must prune and remove certain parts of the plant to promote healthy growth. Flower Agate can assist you in letting go of old emotions, patterns, pain, trauma, and ways of being that would block your forward movement. Growth can be an uncomfortable process that stirs up anxiety and fear. Thankfully, Flower Agate balances the emotions and brings a sense of calm and encouragement in the face of frenzied feelings. It is also a remedy for insomnia and an overactive mind.

As a root chakra stone, Flower Agate grounds you to earth and protects you from negative energy and elements that might bring harm. It enhances the joy in your heart and helps you find your rose-colored glasses, because a bright and optimistic outlook is the right mindset for success. Flower Agate settles the digestive system, soothes the muscles, and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Ammonite: Ammonite is a fossilized spiral shell of a sea creature from the cephalopod class that went extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs. It is named after the god Ammon, who was often portrayed wearing ram horns that had the same spiral appearance. While Ammonites are found in a variety of colors, the most common is a brown or gray shade very similar to Khaki Trenchcoat.

There’s a lot of power and symbolism in Ammonite’s spiral formation. Ammonite’s spiral is said to assist humanity with the evolutionary process and the cycles of change that we undergo on the spiritual path. Spirals also represent energy in motion, activation, transformation, vortexes to other dimensions, and cosmic connection—all of which are in Ammonite’s wheelhouse.

Ammonite has a strong resonance with the lower chakras, especially the root and sacral. It is known to stimulate life-force energy, increasing overall vitality and physical stamina. It has been used to awaken kundalini energy and enhance fertility. It also brings greater stability, grounding, and structure to your life while boosting your survival instinct. Ammonite has been used to lower blood pressure and support the healing of degenerative diseases.

Ammonite’s spiral absorbs negative, discordant energy, filtering it and transforming it into pure, flowing light. It has been called a karmic cleanser that helps you master big spiritual lessons and move on from deep traumas.

Ammonite activates the third eye and crown chakras, fine-tuning the psychic senses and opening dimensional doorways to the spirit realms. As a fossil, it can help you access the Akashic records and past life content for the purpose of healing, integration, and retrieval of soul gifts and knowledge. It can also connect you to galactic beings, energy, and messages to assist you with your spiritual ascension process.

Picture Jasper: This opaque, microcrystalline form of quartz is often tan, brown, or khaki colored, with naturally occurring scenes, landscapes, and images appearing on the surface due to a mix of dendritic mineral inclusions. Gazing upon a Picture Jasper is like viewing an artistic masterpiece painted by Mother Nature onto an earthy stone slab. This stone has stories to tell and visions to share for those who operate on shamanic levels.

Picture Jasper is intimately connected with the electromagnetic energy and ley line system of the planet. It can be used as a portal for connection with the consciousness of Earth. It is said that this stone holds the records of the planet and shares them in the imagery it displays. Gazing at the landscapes and scenes can move you into a trance that allows for remote viewing of Earth locations, access to sacred sites and portals, and time travel to ancient civilizations.

You can work with Picture Jasper in any endeavor you do to connect with the land. It can help you locate ley lines, portals, and power spots, and it will beautifully support Earth-based ceremonies, magical practices, and the effective building of crystal grids or medicine wheels. Picture Jasper is a talisman for environmentalists or anyone who is working to preserve or support the ecosystem, as it inspires ideas and solutions for a healthy planet. It is also known to help block electromagnetic and technological pollution.

Picture Jasper is wonderful medicine for the heart and mind. It can surface negative emotions and thoughts that you have buried, and it helps you process and dispel them. It is a stone of creative visualization that can help you overcome creative stumbling blocks when you are writing or making art. It is perfectly suited for those who create spiritually inspired visual art to assist them in capturing the downloads.

Picture Jasper can support your body and assist you in releasing harmful addiction patterns. It brings awareness to the causes and triggers of your addictions while boosting your willpower to overcome cravings. Picture Jasper also supports the elimination of toxins in the body when worn or worked with regularly. It boosts the immune system and has a general strengthening effect on the body. It has been recommended to help with recovery from a serious illness or hospitalization.

The Khaki Trenchcoat color ray brings in the dusty wisdom and grounding touch of the earth. If you want to invite a sense of stability and serenity into your aura and space, these four crystals will do the job. Stay tuned for the last article in the 2024 Color Trend Series: Soil.