Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Luna Green

Cue the confetti, because 2024 is upon us! A new year signals a fresh start and sprinkles the air with a sense of optimism. It’s also a great time to revamp and renew your surroundings and to consider the quality of energy you want to live with during the next cycle. How will you color your world in 2024?

You can strategically make color choices that subtly influence your emotions, spirit, and state of mind—and that change the vibration of your environment. If you don’t know where to start, look to the experts. Professional color forecasters have made their psychic predictions of which colors will rule the field of design in 2024.

According to HMH Architecture & Interiors, the 2024 it-colors will be Marigold Saffron, Purple Frost, Cyber Citron, Luna Green, Khaki Trenchcoat, and Soil. This fresh palette is color therapy for these shaky times. It includes peaceful pastels, stabilizing earth tones, and bright neon shades that speak to a positive future.

Luna Green is the topic of today’s article, an uncommon and otherworldly pale green that is best captured in the wings of a bewitching luna moth taking flight under silky moonbeams. This distinctive shade is comparable to a pale and muted pistachio green. You can find hints of it in a comforting cup of matcha latte or a bowl of homemade mint ice cream.

Luna green simultaneously settles and elevates the senses, making it a beautiful choice for home décor and jewelry. If you are ready to incorporate this ethereal color frequency into your life, these four crystals are a vibrational match to Luna Green in hue and energy.

Green Vesuvianite: Discovered on Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, Vesuvianite is a complex silicate mineral that is also known as Idocrase. It comes in almost every color, with green being the most common. It has a powerful yet smooth energy that feels like the touch of the Divine Feminine, and it brings wholeness, healing, and alignment with your higher purpose.

Green Vesuvianite is a spirit guide in a stone that will help you purge and heal major issues that are holding you back: subconscious patterns, negative thoughts, old traumas, fears, past life issues, and ego imbalances. It mends a sense of disconnect or misalignment between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This ensures that you can access your highest truth, your heart’s desires, and your spiritual yearnings, helping them manifest with more ease in your physical life and reality. Green Vesuvianite strengthens your sense of self and authenticity while influencing you to make any necessary changes to live your best, most fulfilling life.

Green Vesuvianite is a stone of higher spiritual connection. It brings you into a greater state of inner peace and enhances your ability to meditate. Work with it to receive guidance and communication from your higher self, angels, and spirit team. Green Vesuvianite can also heighten clairsentience, intuition, and empathic senses, enabling you to feel energy and tap into your gut level of knowing.

Green Vesuvianite also has an earthy touch that stabilizes, soothes, and anchors you. It balances and relieves uncomfortable emotional states, such as anger, anxiety, depression, and fear. Green Vesuvianite helps you connect with your body and feel a greater love and appreciation for it. It is healing to the digestive, circulatory, and skeletal systems, and it promotes weight loss.

Infinite Stone: This supercharged form of Serpentine from South Africa gets its Luna Green color because it is a mix of white-gray Chrysolite and green Serpentine. Infinite Stone is a physician for the etheric body that mends and recharges the biosystem while providing a host of other impressive benefits.

When exposed to stress, trauma, or big influxes of energy, it is common to develop rips, holes, or fissures in the auric field that surrounds and permeates the body. This can lead to energy drain, lethargy, and depression, and it opens the door for energy vampires or entities to attach and exacerbate the problem.

Thankfully, Infinite Stone can seal these holes in the etheric field and replenish any areas of depletion. It offers protection against EMFs, while also clearing and addressing stuck patterns in the aura and chakras that manifest as negative experiences that are on repeat. It is recommended to keep the stone in your auric field while it is fortifying and repairing it. Wear it as jewelry, place it in your pockets, and keep it in the bed with you while you are sleeping.

Infinite Stone is connected to the kingdoms of Earth and Earth’s channels of energy called ley lines. Work with it to tap into the magical realms of nature, such as fairies, elementals, and nature spirits. Infinite Stone can help you detect and amplify energy flows and power spots on the land. It can also help to strengthen the energy flowing through your own chakras and meridians, and it has been used for kundalini activation. Infinite Stone enhances the flow of Reiki healing energy, making it perfect for energy channelers.

As a premier talisman for wealth and prosperity, Infinite Stone magnetizes abundance and infinite new opportunities. It is said to alleviate insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nightmares. On a physical level, Infinite Stone offers pain relief, DNA and cellular rejuvenation, and immune system support.

Hiddenite: This high-vibration, soothing stone gets its pale green color due to the presence of chromium. Hiddenite resonates with the combined frequency of love and gratitude, which Dr. Emoto concluded is the highest vibration based on his water crystal experiments.

It’s striated structure and lithium content make it powerful medicine for addressing all matters of the heart.

Hiddenite’s striations are parallel grooves that run through the surface of the stone. They act as channels for higher-dimensional light and love to be delivered into the body and chakras, which promotes rapid clearing and activation. Placing Hiddenite at the heart dispels stuck emotions and traumas, while infusing the emotional body with love, nurturing, and healing. It is a wonderful remedy for addictions, abuse, and loss. The lithium content in Hiddenite is naturally calming and counteracts anxiety, panic, worry, fear, and stress.

Hiddenite clears emotional patterns that would block the flow of abundance, such as unworthiness and fear, while raising your vibration and magnetizing more good things into your life. It liberates stagnant energy that builds up in relationships and encourages spontaneous and true emotional expression. For those who are single and looking, Hiddenite has been known to attract a soulmate relationship.

Hiddenite is also a wonderful stone for energetic maintenance and can play a role in physical healing. It seals and fortifies the auric field, filling it with light. It also clears negative energetic interference coming from entities, attachments, psychic attacks, EMFs, or general bad vibes. It supports the healing of the circulatory and nervous systems, and it can enhance the power of natural healing remedies such as herbalism, aromatherapy, energy work, and homeopathic treatments.

Prasiolite: Also known as the Green Amethyst, the name, Prasiolite, is Greek in origin and means “leek stone.” The leek green color occurs due to two factors: the presence of iron and heat that the crystal is exposed to either inside the earth or by an artificial process. Prasiolite is a crystal that honors the goddess Brigid and carries many of her qualities and gifts: wisdom, healing, compassion, fire energy, and connections to other realms.

Prasiolite is a bridging stone that opens the heart and connects it to the cosmos above and the earth below. It awakens and balances the full chakra spectrum and channels love into every facet of the being. Its vibration can touch the highest levels of spirit, yet the overarching lessons and gifts of Prasiolite are quite practical and down-to-earth.

Prasiolite illuminates the divinity, sacredness, and love inside of everybody and everything, and it encourages you to recognize this and treat others and the Earth accordingly. If Prasiolite could speak, it would urge you to bless everything in your life and to stay in your heart and integrity in all interactions as best you can. And when you or others fall out of alignment, have compassion and give grace.

Prasiolite has been through the transformative fire that turned it green, with beautiful and expansive results. Therefore, it models this spiritual potential for us to evolve when life heats up. This green jewel can guide you in an orderly growth process that enables you to break past old stumbling blocks into a new way of being and perceiving. It calms and focuses the mind, awakens the psychic senses, and allows for communication with galactic beings. It also mops up and averts negative vibrations, while preventing energy depletion in those who tend to give too much.

Filled with earth magic, Prasiolite can enhance shamanic pathways and journeys. It enables you to access your ancestral line in meditation to enact healing and retrieve gifts. Prasiolite can connect you with the Earth’s transmission of abundance and prosperity. It has also been used ceremonially to activate metaphysical healing abilities, and you can work with it to support the digestive system, the circulatory system, and detoxification.

The energy of Luna Green is smooth as silk, reminiscent of the pale green petals of Lady’s Mantle flowers—and just as healing. If this color speaks to you, having it in crystalline form will amplify and infuse this lovely vibration into your space and aura. Stay tuned for the next article in the 2024 Color Trend Series: Khaki Trenchcoat.