Color Trends and Corresponding Crystals—Marigold Saffron

Our world is made of so much resplendent color. Each color ray is a specific vibrational frequency that subtly influences your consciousness, mood, and emotions.

Nurturing Earth tones bring a grounding and settling quality, like the sense of well-being you get from forest bathing. Soft pastel shades in a baby’s nursery soothe the spirit and offer gentleness and relaxation. Bright neon colors evoke excitement, boldness, and a pop of unexpected energy.

Intentionally working with color is an artform and a healing modality. Color trend forecasters, working in the fields of art and design, have their fingers on the pulse of society. Perhaps it is intuition, mixed with experience and analysis, that leads them to select the next big color palette that will speak to the masses.

The trending colors chosen for 2024 invite us to ascend beyond the uncertainty of today’s world. These shades are inspired by the nourishing soil and vibrant flowers of Mother Earth, juxtaposed with neon-bright hues that feel like visions of a sci-fi future. These colors promote feelings of freshness and optimism—with a touch of grounding and nostalgia.

If you are ready to embrace the energy of the top 2024 color rays, look to the crystal kingdom as a natural source. Crystals combine the healing properties of color with the added power of coherent energy in the form of perfect internal geometry. You can place crystals in your home to uplift and influence the energy of your space or wear them as jewelry to positively affect your mood and emotions.

Here are the top trending colors for 2024 according to HMH Architecture & Interiors: Marigold Saffron, Purple Frost, Cyber Citron, Luna Green, Khaki Trenchcoat, and Soil. For each article in this series, we will cover one of these 2024 colors and the crystals that match in hue and energy.

Marigold Saffron

This fiery yellow-orange color evokes warmth, vitality, joy, healing, and optimism. You can see this color reflected in marigold flowers, turmeric, and these four crystals.

Sedona Red Jasper: Sedona Red Jasper resonates with the pristine vibration and burnt-orange to warm-red color rays found in Sedona’s spectacular rock formations, which are mutually colored by the presence of oxidized iron. This sacred stone can deliver many of the same healing benefits that you can access in Sedona, Arizona—a mecca of metaphysical vortexes.

Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer, and it helps you to honor yourself more. This earthy stone has a grounding and stabilizing quality that assists you to take care of your physical life. It absorbs stress and negativity, clears the chakras and aura, and increases your stamina. Sedona Red Jasper brings in high-level protection and helps you to set clear energetic boundaries. It increases your self-worth and encourages you to prioritize time for yourself and your needs.

Sedona Red Jasper helps you to get real with yourself, enabling you to clearly see your problems and to find and enact the best solutions. It sharpens your mind, so that you become more organized and capable of completing the tasks on your plate. When you need help to calm down and relax, Sedona Red Jasper can soothe your emotions and spirit.

Due to its fiery hues and energy, Sedona Red Jasper can awaken the higher chakras and psychic senses. It has been reported to assist with astral travel and dream work. It is an exceptional stone for those who feel called to work with Earth energy, the planetary grid system, and the environment.

Iron Quartz: Also known as Hematoid Quartz, this dynamic form of Quartz gets its red, orange, and golden hues from iron particles in its crystalline structure. The Quartz amplifies the iron content, resulting in strengthened powers of grounding, protection, clearing, and vitality.

Iron Quartz has a special resonance with the root chakra, which is why it promotes grounding, stabilizing, and Earth connection. Grab it when you are feeling anxious, scattered, unbalanced, or unable to focus. It is a highly stimulating stone that boosts your stamina and energy levels, recharging your batteries in times of depletion. It brightens your attitude, lifts your vibration, and gets you in touch with your passion, power, and confidence. Work with it to increase your manifestation power.

Iron offers solid protection against various forms of negativity, and when it forms inside of Quartz, the shielding power is greatly expanded. Iron Quartz also clears negative energy from your chakras, aura, and any environment in which it is placed. It has a balancing quality for the mind, body, and emotions, which supports general harmony and well-being.

Iron Quartz emits a fiery, activating force that can heighten all third eye pursuits. It is known to enhance meditation, self-awareness, shamanic journeying, scrying, divination, and dreamwork.

Wulfenite: The orange-yellow glow of Wulfenite, an allochromatic mineral, results from the presence of chromium and provides energetic fuel for creativity, manifestation, personal alchemy, spiritual pursuits, and Earth magic.

This stone speaks to the hearts and minds of artists, musicians, poets, and creative professionals. It is known to inspire novel thoughts, visions, and ideas that can be translated into unique works of art. Wulfenite activates and links the sacral and solar plexus chakras, the creative and manifestation centers. This ensures follow-through and completion of creative projects. Work with it to manifest any of your important life goals.

Wulfenite is known as a stone of alchemy and white magic. It supports you in doing the deep inner work necessary to face and heal your shadows, to overcome your negative patterns and addictions, and to embody more of your soul’s light. Wulfenite sharpens your psychic receptivity and expands the dimensional spectrum you can access. It can open shamanic doorways that allow you to commune with the energy and spirit of the Earth and all her magical kingdoms. Also, Wulfenite can be used to enhance energy healing modalities, such as Reiki and Quantum Touch.

Crocoite: Crocoite, an idiochromatic mineral owing its color to the presence of chromium atoms in its chemical formula, is a vitalizing stone that lights the inner fire necessary to create personal breakthroughs and passionate living. It is like a neon-orange magic wand for directing power into the body and psyche. The striations in this stone’s structure act as channels for light to be amplified and delivered into your chakras, which can cause clearing, energizing, and activation.

For those who regularly experience low, sluggish, or depleted energy, Crocoite can infuse life force energy into the lower chakras. It has a strong resonance with the root chakra, which helps you to be present, energized, and highly functional in your daily endeavors. It also activates the sacral chakra, which boosts your creativity, passion, and sexual energy. Crocoite strengthens overall health, and it is especially healing to the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems.

Crocoite is known for supporting spiritual illumination and personal growth. It swiftly clears blocked chakras, limiting belief patterns, emotional pain, or anything that might obstruct your true connection to your higher self.

Crocoite also activates the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. When it awakens, this energy flows up the spinal column, enlivening the chakras and expanding your consciousness. It brings a greater sense of enlightenment and helps you to access higher levels of spiritual insight. This shift in consciousness can translate into a shift in all areas of your life, bringing you to the next level of self-mastery.

There are many good reasons why Marigold Saffron has been named one of 2024’s top colors. If you need a boost in energy and mood, infuse this color frequency into your aura and living space with the help of these four crystals. Stay tuned for the next article in the 2024 Color Trend series: Purple Frost.

  • Wulfenite
  • Crocoite
  • Sedona Red Jasper
  • Iron Quartz