Crystals for Gemini

Crystals for Gemini

Crystals for Gemini

If your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini is your sun sign. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which is why Geminis are often perceived as having a dual nature or a split personality. Their element is air, which is associated with communication, the intellect, and the intangible. It is fitting that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication, thought, and networking.

Geminis are a fascinating and fun enigma. Cerebral and outgoing, they are brimming with intelligence and curiosity. This leads them to explore a variety of interests, making them a jack of all trades. Geminis are fast-moving and quick-thinking, just like their ruling planet Mercury, which is associated with speed. Gifted with words and wit, they are natural communicators and social butterflies that captivate all of the guests at the party. Their mood and persona can shift like the wind, a result of their dual nature. Although sometimes this can be painted in a negative light, it also makes Geminis very adaptable, dynamic, and able to see many different sides and perspectives.

As with all zodiac signs, there are some challenging aspects of the Gemini personality. Geminis are often juggling many interests, jumping from one thing to the next without going deep, making it seem as if they are all over the place. For this reason, they can come across as unreliable, superficial, directionless, or inconsistent. They are also quite prone to anxiety, due to having so many irons in the fire. Geminis are known for duality, seeming to literally have two minds, which makes it hard for them to come to a decision. Since Geminis are such talkers, they also tend to overshare or gossip.

Working with the right crystals can bring out the best in Gemini while helping them to overcome any growing edges. Here are the best gems for Gemini.

Blue Lace Agate: Steady, earthy Agate comes in many varieties and colors and is a May and June birthstone. Blue Lace Agate is associated with Mercury, communication, and the throat chakra, making it the best Agate for Geminis.

Geminis have the gift of gab, and Blue Lace Agate takes their excellent communication skills to the next level. It opens and activates the throat chakra, encouraging self-expression and speaking up. It is perfect support for anyone who must communicate clearly in their work, such as teachers, lawyers, writers, counselors, or lecturers. It is known as the stone of the diplomat because it helps you to eloquently express your point of view in a way that someone on the opposite side can receive and understand. Geminis are naturally diplomatic, due to their ability to see and relate to different perspectives. Blue Lace Agate enhances mental activity and clear thinking, which is another strong suit for brainy Geminis.

For Geminis who talk too much or are prone to gossip, Blue Lace Agate calms and balances an overactive throat chakra, helping them to pause and think about the potential consequences of their words first. Geminis tend to overextend themselves, causing anxiety and frayed nerves.

Blue Lace Agate is a soothing balm for frenzy, overwhelm, and stress. For indecisive Geminis, Blue Lace Agate gives them a clearer sense of their truest self, desires, and priorities, so that they can make the best choices and decisions.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye is regarded as a top Gemini zodiac stone, for good reason. It is a beautiful, banded stone of gold and brown, which unifies solar and Earth energy. Two distinct frequencies are combined into one package, just like the twin nature of Gemini.

Tiger’s Eye promotes harmony between people or groups with disparate viewpoints, life approaches, and philosophies, helping them come to mutual understanding. Geminis also have this diplomatic ability to find common ground with others. Tiger’s Eye sharpens the intellect, promoting quick thinking, analysis, and integration of information. It carries the solar vibration, helping Gemini’s charm and wit to shine even brighter.

Sometimes Gemini’s attention can get a bit scattered, making it hard for them to stick with their important goals, projects, and relationships. Tiger’s Eye has a grounding and cohesive quality that can pull their focus and energy back together, helping them with perseverance and follow-through. Tiger’s Eye stabilizes the emotions and releases anxiety, stress, and internal tension. For the Gemini who frets over making the wrong decision, Tiger’s Eye boosts confidence and logic so that the best choice becomes clear.

Howlite: With a vibration as silky as moonbeams, Howlite is assigned to Gemini and the air element. It relates to the mental body, higher chakras, communication, soothing and balancing.

Geminis have a lot of brilliant energy in their heads and higher chakras. As an air stone, Howlite resonates with balancing and bringing out the best in the mental body. It is known as a study stone that enhances reason, objectivity, and retentive memory. It heightens Gemini’s natural thirst for knowledge, and it even directs them to seek higher spiritual understanding and awareness through its activation of the crown chakra. Howlite finesses communication skills, promoting the clear and calm expression of feelings in a way that honors all parties.

The mind of a Gemini is often like a computer with lots of open tabs. Howlite settles down a busy and racing mind while easing mental tension. It is an incredibly soothing stone that absorbs stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Geminis can sometimes experience dramatic mood swings. Howlite balances out the emotions and brings back an even keel. For Geminis who tend to talk too much, Howlite helps them to take a deep breath before saying something they would later regret.

Chrysocolla: This Caribbean-hued treasure is attributed to Gemini and Mercury. Chrysocolla is an advanced stone for the throat chakra, sound, channeling, and all forms of communication. It opens the throat chakra to assist with authentic, heartfelt communication. Chrysocolla also upgrades it, awakening the ability to channel information, wisdom, and guidance from a higher spiritual perspective. It also heightens the power of chanting, toning, spoken affirmations, and making sacred sounds for purposes such as healing and enlightenment.

Working with Chrysocolla can help Geminis put their natural throat chakra skills to the highest possible use. Chrysocolla enhances Gemini’s inherent curiosity and intellect, encouraging them to seek wisdom and knowledge and share what they learn in the most brilliant ways.

For Geminis who are lacking a filter, Chrysocolla can help them tell when it is appropriate to speak up and when to hold back. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. Chrysocolla calms the nerves, which is perfect for anxious Geminis who have bitten off more than they can chew. A top clearing stone, Chrysocolla has a Divine Feminine touch and releases discordant emotions and lulls moods that blow hot and cold. Known as a stone of empowerment, Chrysocolla can also assist flighty Geminis to settle down, focus, and get important things done.

Honorable Mention:

There you have it, the best Gemini gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that have been traditionally assigned to Gemini:

Celestite: associated with Gemini and the air element, awareness, higher communication, angelic connection, it calms and sharpens the mind, inner peace, anxiety relief.

Blue Apatite: associated with Gemini and the air element, throat chakra stone, public speaking, brings out your radiance and authenticity, mental clarity and sharpness, psychic awakening, clearing

Chrysoprase: associated with Gemini and Mercury, mental dexterity, eloquent speaking, corrects mood imbalances, growth, love, abundance

Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline): associated with Mercury and the air element, communication and channeling, higher awareness, peaceful mind, meditation, psychic ability