March Birthstone- Aquamarine: Stone of Courage

General Traits

Aquamarine is a beautiful Beryl ranging in colors of blue green to various inspiring hues of sky blue. The element it's associated with is water and its planet is Neptune, which seems fitting since the name is derived from the Latin words Aqua (water) and Mare (the sea). This crystal rates 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness making it one of the more durable of crystals.


The best Aquamarines are considered to be mined in Brazil; however, it’s also found in Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, India, Mexico, Russia and the U.S., with a dark blue variety that is only found in Madagascar. In 1971, the Aquamarine became the official state gemstone of Colorado due to Mount Antero and White Mountain sites producing some of the finest gem quality Aquamarine specimens.

History & Folklore

Robert Simmons, Book of Stones, states “History records its first use in Greece between 300 to 500 B.C.” It has been a revered stone for protection, strength, and heavenly assistance ever since.Historically, this ancient crystal was used by sailors to protect them on their sea journeys. It is alternately said to be either the tears or treasures of mermaids.In ages past a bridegroom was encouraged to give his bride an Aquamarine the morning after consummation of marriage to strengthen their love and keep them together.

D.J. Conway, Crystal Enchantments, shares with us “This stone is held in high regard in the East as the Stone of the Seer and Mystic, a gem that imparts purity to the wearer.” It has been said Aquamarine was the preferred crystal ball of the ancient mystics. And Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible, states “In ancient times it was believed to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favor from the spirits of light.”

Metaphysical Properties

One of the most prominent metaphysical properties of Aquamarine is the ability to calm, soothe and quiet the mind when overwhelmed. This is also why it is considered an excellent crystal to meditate with.

It is called The Stone of Courage because of its ability to help release negativity, which enables you to become stronger physically, spiritually and emotionally.Aquamarine helps with the grieving process and fosters compassionate and non-judgmental attitudes. It also shields and protects the aura and subtle bodies and is wonderful tool to help align chakras.

Other metaphysical properties are said to include increasing intuition, promoting clarity of mind, easing fears, and stimulating the throat chakra thereby increasing effective communication skills.For Health issues Aquamarine is said to be good for relieving anxiety and easing phobias. It is also said to aid with healing the throat, lungs, and vision.


Whether Aquamarine is your birthstone or it is one that calls out to you with its beauty and calming influence, it is a stone of empowerment for both males and females. Should you want to enhance the abilities of this stone, Moldavite is a fantastic stone for this. Robert Simmons tells us “Moldavite is a powerful energizer of Aquamarine, while Aquamarine soothes the intensity of Moldavite. Together they allow one to move swiftly yet calmly through the great spiritual transformations to which many are called in these times.”

Happy Birthday to all of our March born friends! Enjoy your birthstone whether you are wearing it as jewelry or holding it in your hands while meditating. Flow with the beauty of Aquamarine and emerge in a happy, calm, peaceful state!