Outlook for March, 2024

Typically, with March comes some of the year’s most important and deeply felt energetic shifts. To be candid, this month is pretty disorganized, so don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed. It’ll be easy (and maybe even healthy) for anyone to occasionally slip into escapist activities; a desire for something new will be a central theme for all.

March, 2024 will come in swinging with Venus — the planet of love and money — squaring Uranus — the planet of rebellion and chaos — on March 3, in stubborn fixed signs, Aquarius and Taurus, respectively. These two planets will butt heads, triggering challenges in money systems and/or in relationships. Together with the idealist influence of Pisces, your current circumstances about money or love might fall short of your expectations of how it should be.

On March 8, Mars comes into a direct square (conflict) with chaotic Uranus, causing upsets and possibly accidents (please drive safely, especially watch intersections). On March 9, Mercury will move into fiery Aries. Your brain/speech filter may not be working very well, just take a beat and think it through, avoiding hurt feelings. There is just a lot of chaotic energy flying around.

But there is a lot of good, healing energy active also. Beginning March 9, Saturn, the Moon, Sun, Neptune and then finally Venus are all in the healing sign of Pisces; washing away repercussions and any minor bruising left over. Spiritual, elusive, and romantic Pisces energy will be felt on March 10 with the Pisces new moon, followed by Venus’ ingress into this water sign on the 11th. Work with the Pisces new moon to dream big and set your intentions accordingly! Just one note, while romance will be thriving, be wary of your rose-colored glasses this month, take them off now and then for a clear look.

Come March 25, any previous pent-up energies or unfinished business will be illuminated by the Lunar Eclipse at 5° Libra. This climax point will cause you to realize what is and isn’t working. Expect changes, endings, epiphanies, and/or announcements around the end of the month. Don't try to control this energy; trust this Libra Lunar Eclipse to take you where you are meant to go. Take this time as an opportunity to reflect and absorb, rather than make any big decisions. Because remember, we have the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Oh Goody!

Many Blessings, Julie Reeves, Sighted Astrology