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Unakite: Stone of Vision

Unakite is a beautifully cheery stone that is perfect to feature in December. It just has that Christmas look to it! And, it being a heart stone, it brings a good reminder during the holiday season that it is just as rewarding to give from the heart as it is to receive. Learn more about Unakite, its healing properties, metaphysical meaning, and uses here on Nature's Treasures Blog.

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Unakite is a type of granite that is made of green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar and clear quartz. Sometimes you can find minute traces of other minerals in it. Occasionally, it has been found to have red jasper in it, what a find! Who couldn’t use a little extra nurturing from our friend Jasper? Generally speaking though Unakite is a mottled green and pink stone with some white in it.

Unakite was discovered in 1874 and named after the Unaka Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains in the USA. It was first found there in the eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina area. Unakite is mostly found in the USA but has also been found in Brazil, China and South Africa.

Although there are some purists who feel the composition in other areas should be dubbed as unakite-like, no piece of Unakite looks the same as another. The colors vary depending on how much of each mineral is in it. That makes it a truly unique and one of a kind addition to your personal collection!

Due to Unakite being a composite you need to avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners. Use your preferred cleansing method like sound or smudging. This will keep your Unakite beautiful and ready to assist you.

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Unakite Healing Properties & Uses

Unakite is an unusual stone that defies regular “rules” of colors regarding chakras. For instance, most folks consider it the Stone of Vision and recommend placing it on the third eye chakra (normally associated with indigo to purple colors) to enhance psychic vision, to open one’s eyes to the physical and etheric world. Additionally, it is a fantastic grounding stone (even though the root chakra is normally red, black or brown) especially if it has more pink in it. Since it is mostly pink and green, it has to be one of the ultimate heart chakra stones. It combines the green of the physical heart and the pink of the emotional heart.

With its warm and cool color combination, Unakite is a unisex stone. It creates a natural yin/yang balance that is great for males and females. Wear Unakite to balance the Divine Masculine & Feminine within us all.

Some other uses of Unakite: Keep a few of these Unakite stones in a small bowl in your home or workplace to help battle harmful EMF pollution. Unakite is also thought to increase fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy. A Unakite egg is especially a thoughtful gift to someone about to give birth. You can also hold Unakite palm stones or sphere to meditate with as it helps keep you grounded while connecting to your heart and third eye chakras. You can’t ask for much more than that for a meditation buddy!

Share Unakite with someone you care about this year. Show them they are your shining star or get one for yourself to remind you how awesome you are! We have jewelry for men and women to wear, puffed hearts, different sized spheres, unakite eggs, tumbles and just for grins this awesome Unakite skull. Seriously, does it not look like the biggest grin ever? What a conversation starter! Unakite is a stone that everyone can benefit from.