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Zodiac Stones: Cancer the Crab

The timing of the summer solstice coincides with the beginning of the Cancer zodiac season. If your birthday falls between June 21st and July 22nd, Cancer is your sun sign. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, soft and sensitive on the inside with a tough protective exterior. Crabs are connected with the ocean and affected by lunar cycles, which is why it is fitting that Cancer is ruled by the water element and the Moon. Emotional depth, intuition, receptivity, creativity, the goddess, and cycles--these are all associated with water and moon energy.

Cancers embody some of the most admirable traits of the mother archetype. Home and family are a top priority for Cancers, and they are extremely nurturing, giving, caring, and empathetic. The concept of a mother’s intuition certainly applies to Cancers, as they have a well-developed sixth sense and an ability to pick up on subtle energy and emotions. Cancers are also known for having a high level of emotional intelligence and creativity.

Due to their heightened sensitivity, Cancers tend to be introverted and introspective. Being in intimate settings with a few close loved ones is more their speed than big, overwhelming social gatherings. It may take time to crack a Cancer’s shell, but once a Cancer has adopted you as part of their family, consider yourself lucky. They are exceptionally loyal, and like a mama bear, will fiercely defend their loved ones at all costs.

As with all signs, there are some challenging aspects to the Cancer personality. Cancers are quite in touch with their deep and complex emotions, which fluctuate, waxing and waning like the phases of the moon. This gives them the reputation of being moody, crabby, and unpredictable. Cancers can be overly sensitive, making it hard when faced with negative feedback or even the slightest criticism. They can turn on you when they feel like you are not reciprocating the high levels of attention and care they give you. You might find them withdrawing into their shells and having a self-pity party when they feel slighted. Crabs have strong claws and like to grab on to people, places, and things that they care about. Sometimes Cancers have a hard time letting go, even when it is the healthiest option.

Working with the right crystals can enhance the positive Cancer qualities while helping to overcome any growing edges. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for those with a Cancer sun sign.


Moonstone is a water element stone that reflects the luminous energy and spiritual archetypes of the Moon. The ancients recognized that Moonstone exhibits goddess qualities, such as receptivity, intuition, introspection, and creativity. This is why it is assigned as a birthstone and an Ascendent stone for Cancer.

Moonstone helps you to feel into the watery depths of your emotions while enhancing your nurturing and caring tendencies. It also amplifies psychic ability, clairvoyance, and intuitive knowing. The internal geometric structure of Moonstone is monoclinic, and monoclinic stones naturally activate the third eye, pituitary, and pineal glands. This helps you to perceive beyond the five senses. Moonstone is also known to heighten emotional intelligence, artistic talents, and creativity. All of these qualities of Moonstone resonate perfectly with the beautiful Cancerian gifts.

When Cancers are having their signature mood swings and all the big feels, Moonstone can calm, balance, and stabilize the emotions. Moonstone energy forms a protective shield, perfect for the sensitive Cancer who needs help blocking out negative vibes and spiky energy coming from others. Moonstone also clears the energy centers, purifies the auric field, and dissolves negative emotional patterns in the sacral and solar plexus chakras. This has the effect of unblocking a Cancer who might be holding on to past hurts.

Ruby Fuchsite:

Ruby, the radiant July birthstone, is an energizer, an activator, and a gemstone of power. Since Cancer tends to be an energetically sensitive sign, sometimes Ruby, on its own, can be a bit overstimulating. When you find Ruby combined with Fuchsite, it is still powerful, but easier for sensitive people to handle. Ruby Fuchsite is also a water element stone, making it well-suited for Cancer.

This combination stone creates a beautiful synergy to uplift and support Cancer. Ruby is a dynamic gemstone that boosts positive thinking, passion, action, and life force energy. It activates the root chakra and has an earthy, grounding quality that compliments Cancer’s love of home and stability. It stimulates loyalty and the drive to protect and defend what’s dear to you, which is a big Cancerian theme.

Fuchsite is a green form of Mica that has a nourishing and comforting vibration, perfect for nurturing Cancer. It promotes emotional and spiritual healing, stress relief, and creativity. This lovely combo, Ruby Fuchsite, balances and heals all of the chakras, while sharpening intuition and the psychic senses. It deepens love bonds and emotional intimacy in all relationships, which is sure to put a smile on Cancer’s face.

Ruby Fuchsite comes to the rescue when Cancer needs an attitude adjustment. It brings optimism and a sunny attitude, parting the clouds in the emotional body and breaking up any sad pity parties. It also provides powerful energetic protection for sensitive Cancers who are affected by outside energy and other people’s thoughts and opinions of them. For Cancers with a tendency to cling, Ruby Fuchsite encourages letting go of negative, harmful people and situations. Some Cancers will sacrifice everything for their loved ones. Ruby Fuchsite helps to balance this tendency so that they can express love and care in a way that doesn’t drain or damage them.

Green Calcite:

Coming in all colors of the rainbow, Calcite is a Cancer birthstone that is assigned to the Moon. In general, Calcite is a power stone that cleanses and amplifies energy, with each color having a specific frequency and focus. Green Calcite is a top choice for Cancers since it is a water element stone that compliments and heals areas of significance to Cancer.

Green Calcite is a soothing balm for the emotions, mind, and etheric body. Cancers are inherently kind, giving, and compassionate people, and Green Calcite enhance these heart gifts. It brings greater attunement to the heart’s wisdom and helps Cancers to pour even greater amounts of love into their relationships. Green Calcite also deepens meditation experiences and helps intuitive Cancer to expand their awareness and pick up more psychic information.

When Cancer gets a bit moody or crabby, Green Calcite calms and balances the emotions.

For Cancers who hold a grudge, Green Calcite helps them to let go of resentment and forgive those who might have hurt their feelings. It also helps clingy Cancers to let go of emotional attachments and relationships that are no longer serving them. For introverted Cancers who have social anxiety, Green Calcite opens them up to interact with new people. It dissolves negative energy and limiting belief patterns that stand in the way of growth and healing.


Selenite is a refined and ethereal stone named after Selene, the Greek Moon goddess. Ruled by the Moon, Selenite is assigned to Cancer. It connects with some of the highest and purest spiritual frequencies available and resonates with many Cancerian traits.

Selenite is a top stone for activating the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras above the head. When the higher chakras are activated, your intuition, psychic senses, and capacity to receive a higher signal are heightened. It becomes much easier to connect and interface with higher dimensional realms, beings, and energy. Also, meditation is greatly enhanced. Cancers are already known to be adept mind-readers, and Selenite is one of the best stones for developing mental telepathy.

Selenite is designated as a talisman for women and the Divine Feminine energy. It attunes you to the natural cycles and rhythms while holding the frequencies of grace and Divine, unconditional love. A wonderful stone for introspective Cancer, it illuminates the subconscious and highlights underlying patterns that affect behaviors and outcomes. It also brings more harmony and insight into important relationships.

Cancers are often sensitive to negative vibrations. Selenite purifies and clears many forms of negative energy, such as entities, attachments, blockages, and projected thoughts and emotions from other people. Running Selenite through the aura can seal it and form a strong barrier of protection. Selenite also smooths out emotional extremes and mood swings, infusing the peaceful energy of the higher realms. It can help introverted Cancers to overcome shyness and reticence in social and work settings.

Honorable Mention:

There you have it, the best Cancer gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that have been traditionally assigned to Cancer:

Red Jasper: A Cancer birthstone, “the supreme nurturer,” comfort, protection, clearing negativity, root chakra, home, security, self-care, boundaries.

Opal: A Cancer Moonstone, associated with the water element, emotional exploration, and healing, intuition, creativity, loyalty, releasing negativity and resentment.

Rose Quartz: Associated with the water element, compassion, caring, nurturing, self-love, relationships, emotional healing, releasing self-pity.

Blue Chalcedony: Associated with Cancer and the water element, telepathy, psychic ability, emotional calming and centering, introspection and exploration of the subconscious, creativity, communication.