Zodiac Stones: Crystals for Leo

Leo season comes in with a bang during the intensity of the midsummer sun. If your birthday falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo is your sun sign. Leo is a fire sign, full of passion and warmth. Ruled by the sun, Leos shine brightly and attract many people into their orbit. The sun represents the self, ego, strength, and authority. Leo is symbolized by the lion, so be sure to roll out the red carpet when the majestic, courageous king of the jungle enters the room.

Leos crave the spotlight and loves to be center stage with a charming, magnetic personality and a flair for theatrics. Witty, humorous, glamorous, and fun--Leo’s presence is larger than life. Leos have that royal quality, that “It Factor.” Just like their ruler, the sun, they sometimes behave as if they are the center of the known universe. Thank goodness they are so entertaining and magnanimous, otherwise, this could get old fast!

Leadership is written into Leo’s stellar blueprint due to their confidence, determination, strength, and regal auras. Leos are hard-working and ambitious, but they are also good at lazing around like a big house cat. Big-hearted, caring, and generous, they are known for their undying loyalty. They love spoiling their loved ones--and of course, themselves. Obviously, the kings and queens of the zodiac deserve to be surrounded by luxury and jewels, right?

As with all signs, Leo has its share of challenging aspects. All of that self-confidence and attention-seeking behavior can come across as arrogance, narcissism, and self-centeredness. If you try to eclipse Leo’s light, watch out. They are ultra-competitive and easily become jealous of anyone who might outshine them. Good luck trying to change a Leo or give constructive criticism, as they can be stubborn, domineering, and full of pride.

Working with the right crystals can enhance the positive Leo qualities while helping to temper the less desirable ones. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for those with a Leo sun sign.

Peridot: Peridot, an August birthstone that is associated with the sun, carries energies of warmth, abundance, and positivity. Born of fire, Peridot forms inside molten rock from the Earth’s mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanic activity and earthquakes. Egyptian royalty coveted Peridot, and the Greeks believed that it endowed the wearer with royal power and energy. This makes Peridot the perfect adornment for regal Leo.

Peridot enhances your personal radiance, warmth, and optimism. When you need to shine brightly in social or work settings, it brings out your wit, charm, and eloquence so that you steal the show. Peridot perfects the solar plexus chakra and is known to boost self-worth and confidence. All of these are qualities that Leos have in spades. Peridot is also recognized as a good luck charm and an abundance stone, helping to attract wealth, health, love, and blessings. This makes it a must-have gem for Leos who like the lavish lifestyle.

When Leo’s ego is feeling threatened, Peridot can release jealousy, resentment, aggression, and self-doubt. It’s the perfect antidote for a bruised ego or injured pride. Self-reflection is not typically a strong suit for stubborn Leo, but Peridot assists them in making necessary inner changes for personal growth. Peridot is also known as a protective stone that wards off negative energy--perfect for Leos living in the limelight, who might have targets on their backs from haters.

Citrine: Like crystallized sunbeams, Citrine’s bright light is a perfect vibrational match for Leo. A fire element and a solar stone, its radiant energy is certainly like the sun: enlivening, warm, happy, powerful, and positive.

Citrine is a famous and coveted manifestation stone that empowers you to draw in anything you truly desire--money, love, health, success, opportunities, or experiences. It boosts manifestation power in two ways: It clears patterns, thoughts, and emotions that would block the natural flow of abundance and manifestation. It also enhances the solar plexus and showers you with joy, enthusiasm, and empowerment. Feeling confident, capable, and excited is the best vibrational space to be in for manifestation, and Citrine will move you there. Leos are naturals at manifestation who often have big and extravagant dreams, and Citrine will speed up Leo’s ability to actualize them. Leos are also quite generous and happy to share their wealth with their loved ones. Citrine is known to promote generosity and giving.

Citrine brings out Leo’s natural star quality, helping them to shine even brighter when they have a big opportunity, performance, or social event. It electrifies the personality, enlivening words and energy so that others are completely captivated and charmed. Leo’s ruler, the sun, is all about self-actualization. Citrine enhances individuality and expression, encouraging the authentic self to shine. It also boosts mental ability, intuition, and decisiveness, which can assist Leos who is in a leadership position.

Citrine can help when Leo’s ego and head are getting too big. It helps to identify and heal issues around misuse of your power and authority. It lessens Leo’s sensitivity to criticism so that they don’t take constructive feedback as a personal attack. Citrine can temper Leo’s need to win and be right, mending any discord this might cause in family, interpersonal, or group settings. It clears negative, destructive traits and balances unhealthy emotions, such as jealousy and self-absorption.

Amber: Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, embodies summertime's warmth and life-giving energy. A sunstone and a fire element stone, the Greeks described Amber as petrified sun rays. It certainly checks many Leo boxes.

Amber has a natural magnetic and attractive quality, much like Leos do. If you rub Amber against wool, it will literally attract paper. It enhances your personal magnetism, and it also magnifies the qualities that make you attractive in all ways–such as beauty, radiance, and charisma. Perhaps that is why it has historically been worn as jewelry to attract love, luck, and

prosperity. To activate its power of attraction, rub a piece of Amber while focusing on what you want to create, to help draw it into your life.

Since Amber exists as a result of photosynthesis in the plant kingdom and trees, it is a container of sunlight and raw life-force energy. Leos are full of vitality and dynamic energy, making Amber feel like a long-lost soulmate. Amber enhances strength, courage, and power, which are key Leo qualities.

Amber is a great absorber and transmuter of negativity, which can help Leos to clear out undesirable tendencies and emotions. Leos should grab Amber when they feel jealous to quell the green-eyed monster. When Leo’s fire gets too hot, Amber provides a balancing and stabilizing force for the emotional body. It can bring a Leo back down to Earth when necessary. It also has a protective quality that shields Leos from negative vibes being projected their way.

Sunstone: Known to transmit the energy of Ra, the Egyptian sun god, Sunstone is a fire element stone that is assigned to the sun. It resonates with the dynamic and confident energy of the Divine Masculine, which is perfect for self-assured Leo.

Sunstone has been called the stone of enlightened leadership, making it ideal for Leos who are born to take charge. It enhances positive leadership traits that are in the Leo wheelhouse, such as charisma, openness, enthusiasm, brilliance, power, generosity, and loyalty. Sunstone pushes the reluctant to step into a role of greater responsibility. In the work setting, it bestows blessings and opportunities for advancement. Importantly, it encourages the use of power and authority to serve the highest good of all.

Sunstone brings a sense of freedom, fun, spontaneity, and adventure into your life, which is perfect for Leos who are always up for a good time. It attracts money, fame, and admirers, which is sure to make Leo smile. Sunstone enhances originality, independence, and the expression of the authentic self. Leos are born to shine and radiate their unique gifts into the world, and Sunstone fully supports this.

Sunstone can help Leo to evolve and heal ego issues. It can reveal self-serving motivations and narcissistic tendencies so that Leo can make course corrections. Sunstone has a transformative quality that can alchemize lower emotional states, such as resentment or anger, turning them into a lighter, more positive expression. Leos tend to have a lot of people in their orbit. While they love the attention, it can sometimes attract energy vampires who pull too much on their energy fields. Sunstone releases unhealthy hooks and cords from other people that might otherwise drain Leo’s bright light.

Honorable Mention:

There you have it, the best Leo gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that have been traditionally assigned to Leo:

Ruby: July and Leo birthstone, royalty, power, energy, abundance, passion, enthusiasm, adventure.

Carnelian: July and Leo gemstone, associated with the sun and the fire element, confidence, leadership, courage, vitality, passion, creativity, action.

Pyrite: associated with the sun, manifestation, abundance, confidence, Divine Masculine energy, empowerment, protection.

Black Onyx: a traditional birthstone and Leo ascendent stone, inner strength, vitality, personal power, confidence, focus, grounding, heals ego issues, and the tendency to manipulate others.