Rebecca Andrews Practitioner

Rebecca Andrews

The Soul Mechanic - Offsite

Inform your Soul by receiving colored light, crystals, and sacred geometry on your skin. Colorpuncture healing sessions remove blockages for a person to better access their Soul program. This allows for a greater sense of well being, and purpose in life. Relief of pain and better functioning of body systems are common results.

Your introductory session could provide:

-Regulation of the information exchange between the subconscious mind and endocrine system

-Improvement in the flow of information between the limbic brain and the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, and across the corpus callosum

-Releasing shock from developmental traumas

-Promoting grounding and centering

-stimulating the feeling of increased resilience and strength at a deeper soul level

- Balance the client’s inner masculine/animus and inner feminine/anima

- and more

Rebecca Andrews: Remote Healing, Herbal Consultations, Acupressure. Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing. Call: 512-351-1032. Email: Facebook: