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Toré Sol

Healer & Ascension Guide

Sol & Root Spiritual Wellness & Education, Healer & Ascension Guide

Reiki Master Teacher

Tore has been working in the Healing field since graduating High School in 2016. Pursuing various interests in healthcare, personal training, and nutrition. After some major life changes during the COVID epidemic that catalyzed his spiritual awakening, he began offering Tarot Reading to friends and family. This eventually led to a deep love for the metaphysical world and its many facets of understanding. Over the past 3 years he has pursued higher teachings in Reiki Mastery & Teaching, Akashic Record facilitation, and Shamanic Medicine. He now combines these teachings alongside his personal gifts to guide and assist others through transformation, embodiment, and balance. Assisting in the collective ascension of Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Tore is a self-taught tarot reader and crystal healer with varied levels of knowledge on sound healing and aromatherapy.

A session with Toré is always focused on healing no matter the medium being used to channel – he currently offers Energy Readings & Healing, Tarot, Chakra Readings, Reiki, Akashic Record Consultations and Mentoring.




*remote sessions & private bookings available through website