Ashley K


I honestly don't understand how anyone could give this place under 5 stars. maybe the cashiers are disorganized and the systems aren't "up to date" but hell, ITS A CRYSTAL SHOP MAN! never have I seen so many gems under one roof. as soon as you walk in, your heart flutters at the sight of the big ass amethyst that glitters galore. most of the rocks are cheaper than online stores or shops on etsy. the sage you could get for cheaper but if you're dying for your "zodiac sage", go ahead and get it. if you go out in the back, there are "raw" rocks, meaning not polished, treated, etc... you can also buy these at a real cheap price. I got a lovely rose quartz piece for only $3! this place actually has two buildings, so if you come here, you'll be entrapped for at least an hour.