18th Annual Tucson Trunk Show! April 6-21

Every year since 1955, the International Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is like a trip around the world, and a treasure hunt rolled into one. Every winter, more than 65,000 guests from around the globe descend upon Tucson, AZ, to buy, sell, trade, and bear witness to rare and enchanting gems, minerals, and fossils at more than 40 gem show locations across the city.

Karen Richards, owner of Nature's Treasures and her staff shop 100s of vendors and bringing back an 18-wheeler load of new materials that we unload and process between February and April for the big reveal of all the new treasures that have never been seen by the general public before. The 18th Annual Tucson Trunk Show at Nature's Treasures is a great opportunity to get first and best picks from the largest selection available in Austin during the Winter, Spring and even Summer seasons.

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