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Fluorite: The Genius Stone

Fluorite is one of the most popular minerals in the world, second only to Quartz. Fluorite has been deemed “the Genius Stone” and also “the Stone of Discernment” due to its purported ability to enhance the brain and mental body.

Fluorite reportedly stimulates the brain cells and helps the two brain hemispheres work harmoniously together to create a beneficial balance for expanding ones consciousness. The energy of Fluorite creates an atmosphere of creativity helping to boost ones advancement mentally, psychically and spiritually.

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Flourite is a Halide with the chemical composition of CaF2-- Calcium Fluoride. It forms in cubes and octahedrons, making it part of the Isometric crystal system. It is a fairly soft stone, rating 4 on the Mohs Hardness scale, so be careful storing it with harder stones.

Fluorite comes in a wide variety of colors: Colorless, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, and White. Fluorite can present as one transparent color or multi-banded. Some of the more prized Fluorite throughout history has been the multi-banded colors of Rainbow Fluorite.

Fluorite can be found worldwide. Some of the better known and respected sources are from England; France (rare, bright blue and also pink); Switzerland (pink); Germany; Russia; Spain; Peru; India; Canada; Mexico; Canada; USA; and China is producing beautiful specimens, recently.

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Fluorite statue, Mississippi Mound Builders,circa 900 AD, shown under UV light.


Initially, Fluorite was known as Fluorspar. The first mention of Fluorspar was in 1530 and that was in regards to its abilities in smelting. It is still used in the industrial industry today and is still called Fluorspar when used for those purposes.

The name Fluorite comes from the Latin word Fluere which means “to flow”. In 1852 the term fluorescence was first named after Fluorite which is the most well-known fluorescent mineral. Today the name Fluorite is strictly for the gems and minerals we collect.

Historically Fluorite goes much further back. We know that several cultures prized it for its beauty. We know the ancient Egyptians and Chinese used it for decorative purposes. Due to its softness and beauty it was carved into beautiful beads, vases and other ornamental pieces. The Egyptians carved it into scarabs and statuettes of gods.

The Chinese often used the green color of Fluorite and other colors for drinking vessels and it was often used instead of Jade. The ancient Romans highly prized the multi-banded varieties of Fluorite and carved them into drinking vessels, cups, vases and bowls. Only the wealthiest citizens had these vessels.

(By the way, Fluorite is on the toxic list so it is not to be used as something to drink or eat from. Please do not follow the example of some of the ancients. It is safe to wear or handle, just do not ingest.)

Fluorite was also widely used to carve totems, amulets, talismans, depictions of deities, figurines and all types of dishes by many other cultures as well. These included Britons, Celts, some European countries and even ancient Americans. Some extraordinary Fluorite carvings have been unearthed in the Mississippi Mound Builders time period that date back between 900 and 1650 A.D. In addition to those carvings, Fluorite beads and other personal adornments were found.

Some of the Goddesses associated with Fluorite are: Vac, the Hindu Goddess of the Spoken Word and Minerva, Roman Goddess of Wisdom.

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Fluorite has many beneficial uses. If you want a great auric cleanser, reach for your favorite Fluorite! It is said that it can clear murky auric energies from all layers of the auric body. It also known to be very helpful in clearing negativity and other low level energies out of the environment it is placed in. Fluorite is powerful at absorbing negative energies so be sure to cleanse it often.

Since it is a stone that works with the brain/mind, it is an excellent stone for meditation. It will help you to focus and achieve the meditation state easier. It is said that it will help you to understand any psychic information you may divine.

Fluorite pyramids are an excellent tool to use in your meditation sessions since the pyramid shape is said to help you delve deeper into your inner self. Fluorite Obelisks are good for the same reason. They are pillars that basically have a pyramid on top that may help you reach that inner bliss you have been seeking.

Fluorite is excellent for pain, especially back pain. Why not use a Fluorite Egg to roll over the painful area and let it disperse a soft, healing energy? Crystal eggs are also wonderful for acupressure points.

Fluorite brings peace and harmony, soothing rattled nerves and bringing order to instability and chaos. Calm is sure to follow. One of the first stones I purchased many years ago was a Fluorite Worry Stone. This is still one of my favorite stones and what I reach for when times are troublesome and trying to calm myself.

If you work with technology a lot you might consider a Fluorite cluster, or chunk of raw Fluorite. When put next to computers and other electronics, they are said to absorb EMFs. Additionally, Fluorite gives the added bonuses of a calm mind along and a wonderful ability to focus and attain mental clarity. Students and children could especially benefit from Fluorite as some think it enhances the absorption of information and may even help to raise one's IQ.

If you want to be like our ancestors and have beautiful Fluorite for your home we have a lovely, delicate, flower-like, purple Fluorite bowl. Perfect for holding favorite jewelry, crystals, or other special trinkets you could keep it on your nightstand to induce a calm, restful sleep. Yellow Fluorite is considered a stone of Unity and is great in group settings to enhance harmony and creativity. We have a sweet Yellow Fluorite Heart that would be perfect for your home or work desk that radiates love. A Rainbow Fluorite dolphin is all kinds of fun and can enhance your communication skills and ability to play.

Fluorite is so desirable to collectors for the above mentioned reasons and more. It has many properties that can enhance our daily lives and beautify our homes. Plus, it's just so pretty to look at. Fluorite is one of the stones that I enthusiastically and highly recommend for everyone!