January Birthstone Black Onyx

January Birthstone - Black Onyx

January heralds in the New Year and is filled with so many pressures we often put upon ourselves such as New Year’s Resolutions. Additionally, we find ourselves trying to tie up loose ends from last year and start new projects for the new year. If there is one thing we need at this time it's inner and physical strength.

How wonderful it is then that those born in January have Black Onyx, which is known as the Stone of Strength, as one of their 4 birthstones. As a birthstone, it not only helps strengthen but also serves as a spiritual inspiration to those born in January. Indeed, all the birthstones for January are well suited for helping at this time of year. The other 3 birthstones are Garnet, Chalcedony and Jasper. Today we will focus on Black Onyx and the wonderful healing properties it offers us.

Black Onyx Information

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a hardy stone member of the Chalcedony family. Its chemical composition is SiO2, or Silicon Dioxide. It rates as a 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale, making it a great stone to carve and make jewelry from.

It's a translucent to opaque stone with jet black coloring that may also contain streaks of white. It often has a waxy feel to it and polishes up to a glassy sheen. Black Onyx belongs to the Trigonal / Hexagonal Crystal System.

Black Onyx can be found in Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and USA.

Onyx History & Folklore

The ancient Greeks and Romans wore Black Onyx on their breastplates or as talismans for bravery and protection. Their lapidaries strove to cut the stone to show an “eye” to provide protection from “evil eye”. The Romans carved symbols of Mars and Hercules out of Black Onyx to carry for bravery and to protect themselves. Many cultures believed it aided in childbirth if worn as a ring or amulet. Black Onyx is one of the earliest stones mentioned in the Bible and is often written about in other ancient writings. It is considered to be the 11th stone in the High Priest Aaron’s breastplate.

The word Onyx is Greek for claw or fingernail. Interestingly, there is a myth that Cupid found the Goddess Venus sleeping on the banks of the Indus River. While she slept he used his arrows to clip her fingernails. The nails of Venus fell into the sacred waters of the river where they sank and eventually became Onyx. Other myths say the fingernails fell to the ground and the Fates immediately turned them to onyx so they would not perish.

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Black Onyx Healing Properties & Uses

Metaphysically, Black Onyx is one of the most protective and grounding stones to be found. It can deeply ground you when things around you are in chaos or it can keep you firmly grounded to the earth while you meditate. It is also said to help you to open yourself to reaching the higher realms making it a superb meditation buddy. Because it can ground you so well it is good for easing stress and anxiety.

Black Onyx is thought to hold on to its wearer’s memories. Memories of all lifetimes so it is particularly good to work with if you are working on past or present life issues.

Because Black Onyx often has some white it helps you to accept and work with the dualities of your nature. This makes it a perfect Yin Yang stone to help balance your energies.

Black Onyx is also said to help disperse negative energies and bring happiness and luck in whatever environment you choose to place it. This stone is said to help you through times of grief and help you to work on self control. It encourages both inner and physical strength and helps you make better decisions.

Physically, Black Onyx is beneficial for blood disorders, bone marrow, teeth, bones and the feet.

Everyone can benefit from Black Onyx. It is a staunch crystal ally of those who are striving to be the best that they can be. It is not only beautiful in jewelry but it can be carved into various attractive figures. Imagine gifting a Black Onyx angel to yourself or someone who has been an angel to you in real life. Carrying a polished tumble of Black Onyx is very calming and soothing in times of stress or chaos. Black Onyx is a great addition to your personal collection, sacred work space or for your grid work.

Happy Birthday to our January born friends! You are indeed blessed to have several birthstones; however, Black Onyx can be your very best crystal friend. Black Onyx is a special and protective birthstone. It’s strength giving and protective qualities are some of the best that Mother Nature has gifted us with and will help you through your life’s spiritual and physical journey.

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